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Olivia d’Aboville sculpts the ocean in ‘Blue’ at Art Informal

MANILA – French-Filipina artist Olivia d’Aboville exhibits her fluid aesthetic and pays homage to the ocean in ‘Blue,’ a show set to open on January 14 at the Art Informal gallery’s Big Room in Greenhills.

Returning to her roots as a textile designer, d’Aboville uses textile as her only medium to create pieces that capture and bring to life the movement and undulations of water.

Also opening on the 14th is ’I went to the forest to live deliberately,’ a group show featuring the work of nine artists pondering on the idea of landscape.


The show, which will be held at the Art Informal Main Gallery features Catalina Africa, Martha Marietta Atienza, Lena Cobangbang, Genevieve Chua, Patricia Estaquio, Nona Garcia, Lou Lim, Lui Medina, and Issay Rodriguez.

Meanwhile, in the gallery’s Inner Room, ‘Pocket Universe’ by Veronica Pee exhibits her drawings and sculptures inspired by microscopic images of parasites, cells, and other miniscule elements.  

It is, according to the artist, a way of “seeing the world through its specks.”

The exhibitions will open at 6 p.m. on January 14, at the Art Informal gallery in Greenhills. For more information, visit artinformal.com

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