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Intelligence: How the right business model can breathe life into a business according to Josiah Go

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – A business model is the starting point of all business decisions, but many of the standard business model canvas models are ineffective at spurring businesses to be not only better, but different. More often than not, their business models are based around following the logic of the industry they are in rather than encouraging them to break the mold and stand out.

The Mansmith Business Model Map was publicly introduced by its Chairman and Chief Innovation Strategist Josiah Go at a seminar in 2010. It was then used in facilitating hundreds of business model workshops to thousands of people, from companies of all sizes. It now continues to help companies conceptualize and practice innovation necessary throughout business cycles.

What makes The Mansmith Business Model Map unique is its two building blocks distinct from the most popular business model canvas:


The Value Chain is the starting point of the operating model and is the source element of key processes. By methodically designing the value chain, companies can analyze and effectively collapse activities (like the disruption of a blog versus a traditional newspaper), or expand activities (like Unilever Philippines enhancing the business skills of small sari-sari stores in the Philippines).

Re-Configuration is indispensable, especially for entrepreneurs. It is key to raising revenues while using lesser costs, as practiced by many companies. Without re-configuration, companies cannot think innovatively about ways to start or sustain their business.

The course goes into a deep dive into each of the building blocks present in the Mansmith Business Model Map alongside the selection criteria for each of the building blocks to truly guide students on how to formulate, evaluate, and redirect their actions.

As the leading training and consultancy company in the country, Mansmith and Fielders’ experts have created a number of tools and frameworks, tried-and-tested with proven methodologies based on experience and expert research.

Course designer Go is a multi-awarded business educator and successful entrepreneur who personally led the initiative to innovate the business model of his company. He was awarded one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) in the World in the Business Education in Las Vegas, USA (chosen from among 1,000 TOYP awardees from over 100 countries), the Brand Leadership Award during the World Brand Congress in India in 2009, and was included in the 10th edition of International Who’s Who of Intellectuals in England.


Continuum Academy is the online learning platform of Mansmith and Fielders Inc. which offers 24/7 online learning, through video masterclasses or full seminars, helping learners do a better and faster job, using the least time and resources, anytime and anywhere. The Business Model course is on an introductory price of USD 30 for 55 videos in 4K quality (same level as Netflix).

Interested participants may enrol at

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