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Pop goes the Bee: Jollibee Funko Pop toy sparks long lines at AsiaPop Comicon 2018

PASAY CITY – Who knew that a bee could drive people so crazy? Over the course of three days at the AsiaPOP Comicon 2018, fans and collectors lined up early in anticipation of the limited release of a toy. But this was no ordinary toy. This was the first ever Funko Pop rendition of that ubiquitous mascot that many Filipinos have grown up with himself, Jollibee.

The popular Funko Pop toyline has exploded globally over the past few years with renditions of pop culture characters from movies, comics, TV shows, and general pop culture. With the addition of Jollibee to the Funko Pop roster in their Ad Icons line, Filipinos jumped at the opportunity to own a part of history with the release of the toy at AsiaPOP Comicon 2018, held at the SMX Convention Center beside Mall of Asia this past weekend.


In a stunning turn of developments, there were literally thousands who lined up for the chance to bring home Jollibee in Funko Pop form. Priced at P650, you couldn’t get into AsiaPOP Comicon without seeing the line that lasted from opening at 10:00am until closing time at 9:00pm for all three days. In fact, for Saturday, July 28, the line began as early as 5:00am to secure Jollibee.

The smiles of the people who brought home their Jollibee Funko Pop toy were palpable perhaps because of the quirkiness of the item, but also because, like Jollibee has for the past 40 years, it represents joy and fun for people of all ages.

Starting today, July 30, at select Jollibee stores nationwide, all Filbar’s, Toys R us, Toy Kingdom, and Toy Town branches, the Jollibee Funko Pop toy will be available to the public while supplies last. For purchase at Jollibee stores, one customer may only purchase a maximum of three (3) Jollibee Funko Pops with three orders of 6-pc Chickenjoy Bucket per transaction. (1 6-pc CJ bucket = 1 Jollibee Funko Pop).

Though AsiaPOP Comicon is usually a place where comic geeks, cosplayers, and lovers of pop culture gather to congregate and meet their favorite artists, actors, and heroes, the year 2018 may also be the first year that a Comicon was invaded and won by a busy yet jolly bee.

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