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PRESS RELEASE: Farewell Fair Weather: Jack Daniel’s Chosen One

MANILA – It was one welcome surprise: a soul-fusion band from UST College of Conservatory walking away that night with the most-coveted Jack Daniel’s Chosen One title. Their unmistakable charm got the crowd cheering for them at the Jack Daniel’s On Stage Philippines Indie Music Awards last April 2014, but it was during their captivating, soul-crushing performance that everyone witnessed a young music act transition from an underdog to a certified star. The consensus that night was strong and palpable: this band called Farewell Fair Weather means serious business.

“Whenever we get up on stage, we play like it’s our last,” vocalist/guitarist Mic Manalo shares. “All we would do is feel and enjoy every second of the set. I think it is more of the whole experience of the JD music program than the prize.” This insistence to put on a great show every single time caught the attention of the critics and music fans, which is enough reason why they deserve to be the Jack Daniel’s On Stage Chosen One.

Opportunities came knocking at Farewell Fair Weather’s door step after nabbing the top prize. Their summer single, “Beyond” was a certified alt-radio hit, becoming the most-voted song in Russ Davis’ Fresh Filter show during its debut week and landing a spot at Jam 88.3’s All Good Radio Top 10. The band also got a recording opportunity via Jack Daniel’s Philippines support for their upcoming debut album to be released in 2016. “Since we’ve been working with experienced people from Jack, we are also up to challenging ourselves more,” Manalo says of the creative process in the early stages of the recording. “We will be doing some things the old way while we dish out a fresh sound of our generation.”


The triumphant streak didn’t stop with releasing a smash indie single and getting a recording contract. Farewell Fair Weather also represented the country at Music Matters Live in Singapore, where they got to play their originals at a diverse crowd and learned the industry ropes only from the finest in the global music business. “We learned so much from that trip and gained more friends from other countries,” keyboardist Isagani Palabyab recalls his stint as a delegate. “The best part about it was the International Music Conference.” Mic Manalo was as equally excited talking about their experience at Music Matters Live. “It’s like experiencing the world all in one stage,” she enthuses. “During the conference, one of the speakers, Executive Vice President of CJ Entertainment and Media Music Mr. Hyung-Kwan Shin, struck me when he said, ‘Do not just bring the music, bring the culture.’ It has made me realize that Filipinos can stand out internationally as well, for we are a country rich in culture.”

This year saw Farewell Fair Weather headlining local music festivals and sharing the stage with music heavyweights from both mainstream and indie spheres. They dazzled the jam-packed crowd at Fete de la Musique Indie Stage and joined the call to uplift Filipino music at OPM Festival. Their latest venture in the festival circuit was last month at the Tagaytay Art Beat, where they teased the audience with new material for their upcoming album. The fusion collective is also set to be part of Jack Daniel’s regional concert from a neighboring country next year, something that Farewell Fair Weather is very excited about. “Experience is the best teacher and it’s something our mentors from Jack have a lot of,” Palabyab says about Jack Daniel’s support on the 2015 Chosen One. “It’s amazing how they can teach us something in one conversation that took them maybe years to learn.” Manalo echoes her bandmate’s sentiment, saying “Trusting them is one of the best decisions we’ve done.”

When asked about what it takes for a band to be Jack Daniel’s Chosen One, Manalo has some encouraging words of advice. “If you really are passionate about something, you will do everything for it whether or not someone is guiding you.” The next cycle of finding the Jack Daniel’s Future Legends starts this month, and following in the footsteps of Farewell Fair Weather could be quite a bit challenging given the band’s astounding talent and discipline. As Manalo puts it, “It takes a lot of heart, soul, guts, sacrifices, focus, commitment, professionalism and understanding to be where you want to be.”


Catch Farewell Fair Weather at the Jack Daniel’s Future Legends – Roll Call gigs, which starts this October 16 at Saguijo Café in Makati.  For schedules and more info, visit Jack Daniel’s Philippines or Farewell Fair Weather on Facebook or through the following event and media partners: JB Music Philippines, Rogue Magazine,,,,, and

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