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PRESS RELEASE: MBT, for the Human Movement

Always Advancing. Running is about challenge. Pushing yourself to the limit, achieving your goals, and finishing what you started. At MBT, our goal is to make sure the gear you wear provides the performance and durability to do just that. We believe in allowing you to enjoy running safe, providing you with protection so that you can enjoy what you love, every day.

MBT is dedicated to advancing the performance, durability and comfort in running footwear. Our unique profile designs give you with a product that will provide cushioning and protection to maximize every step you take. We created a product that is the result of countless hours of design and biochemical testing to ensure the product exceeds your expectations.

So whether your perfect run consists of pounding out miles for that marathon, neighborhood 5k, or just running with your friends, get the footwear that’s designed to give you an experience of efficiency and comfort.



MBT Innovation

We get inside the mind of runners – what they want, need and desire in a running shoe. Cushioning and Protection in every step, MBT footwear provides innovative technologies that adapts to your run. Engineered to meet the needs of runners in today’s environment. We’ve thought about impact absorption, foot propulsion, impact support, and recovery – giving you what you need in support of your love for running every day.


MBT Run Scale

MBT’s innovative and unique running footwear was designed and developed to promote Midfoot Striking providing an efficient and supportive run. With its superior cushioning and protection, MBT footwear encourages runners to perform at their highest level.


MBT Midfoot Strike

Promoting a cushioned and efficient run, MBT’s innovative technologies provide support and protection so you can run longer, safer, and recover faster. At MBT, we believe that midfoot striking provides the most efficient and effective running form to maximize every run. MBT footwear has core features that promote Midfoot Striking through its Midfoot Sensor TechnologyTM, Pivot Strike Area, and various Foam Arrays adding comfort and support for runners.


MBT Advanced Technology

Foam Arrays

  • Better Resiliency
  • Performance in each zone
  • Returns to shape quickly

Pivot Strike

MBT’s innovative Pivot Strike provides runners with the ideal foot striking platform to transition into propulsion while enhancing support and cushioning. The Pivot Strike, with its unique construction promotes propulsion and an efficient and comfortable feel.

Molded Shank

The MBT Performance shank plate provides flexibility at various levels while offering the right amount of stability for your run. Flexible Nylon Plate is co-molded into the EVA to combine light weight, flexibility and support for our Running Rocker.


MBT running footwear offers various midsole profiles offering cushioning and support suited to the runner’s shoes.

Sensor Technology 1

The MBT Sensor TechnologyTM in the heel complements the midfoot sensor by absorbing shock.

Sensor Technology 2

The MBT Sensor TechnologyTM promotes runners with the ideal foot striking platform to transition into propulsion while enhancing support and cushioning.

Rocker Sole

MBT’s unique running specific rocker sole shape enhances the transition on your next step.


MBT 3 Unique Profiles


The Lightweight profile is for those new to the MBT brand that want a soft comfortable running profile with minor rocking.


The Performance profile is for the avid runner who wants additional cushioning and an improved transition from mid-foot to forefoot.


The Cushion profile is for the runner who wants maximum cushion for the softest ride during training or for the ultimate soft feel when recovering from a long rush or marathon.


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