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Rock Star Chef JP Anglo is Globe Platinum’s newest ambassador

MANILA – Knowing Chef JP Anglo’s family history, you would expect that he got his success from his family who had a restaurant in his hometown of Bacolod. But Chef JP pointed out, “That family endeavor failed, but it was also what inspired me to go to culinary school and pursue my goal to set up my own restaurant.”

According to Chef JP, he didn’t get into food immediately. At first he tried different things, and it was after their family’s Chinese restaurant closed down that he realized cooking has always been his passion, and that his family was a major inspiration for him. So after his formal education in the Philippines, he decided to fly to Australia and study at Le Cordon Bleu. It was an intensive five years for the chef, with his classmates being competitive, but Chef JP worked hard and would still work on his cooking even after classes are done. After his studies in Australia, he came back to Bacolod to put up a Chinese restaurant called Mai Pao & Mu Shu. But putting up his own restaurant was not that easy. He had a difficult time finding business partners, but he got support from his sister and brother-in-law who gave him the start he needed. “You can say I wanted to prove I could make a success out of that second chance. It was very close to my heart, since it was, of course, closely tied with my family.”

After his restaurant in Bacolod, the journey isn’t over yet. He went to Manila and planned to put up a restaurant there, but like putting up Mai Pao & Mu Shu, it wasn’t easy. JP was rejected many times, but he still persevered until he conceived Sarsa and got a space at The Forum in Fort Bonifacio. He got turned down at first, but eventually got in on his second try. Kafe Batwan and Liberation Shawarma followed, cementing his credibility as a bankable chef.


He became a judge in Master Chef Pinoy Edition which gave his career a boost, and many culinary experts – from his co-judge in Master Chef Fernando Aracama to his fellow young chefs and foodies like Chef Bruce Ricketts, Erwan Heussaff, and Chef Miko Aspiras – consider him as an esteemed colleague. Though there was a lot of challenges and obstacles for JP before he got to where he is now, he has nothing but appreciation for all of these. He said, “Those things made me stronger and more focused on my goal, not to mention, taught me a lot about patience, and the value of working harder and better.”

Today, Chef JP is known as one of the new generation’s “rock star chefs” who work to bring out a strong local identity in Filipino food by creating edgy and exciting incarnations of favorites. But Chef JP, while running a portfolio of restaurants and managing a hundred employees, continues to seek inspiration by indulging his other passions which are traveling and surfing. According to him, Globe Platinum and the Platinum Lifestyle Plans help him stay connected with his team in Manila while he was away travelling. “I’ve found Globe Platinum to be a key partner in enabling me to do that. Remember that I’m in the service industry, so I demand the same level of quality service that I provide. The Platinum Lifestyle Plan that I have covers everything I need,” he said.

With the newest Lifestyle Plans, customers are able to be connected to what matters most to them – from their loved ones, their passions, and what they need in their professions. From access to the newest devices, unlimited all network calls and texts (a first in the market), rich mobile data allocation, built-in roaming services that can automatically subscribe customers to unlimited data roaming services or the option to enjoy a consumable roaming allocation whenever they travel, to entertainment and content on demand with complimentary access to a choice of NBA, HOOQ, Spotify Premium, and more of the best applications as they are launched in the market, these top-of-the-line mobile plans are especially crafted to fit today’s digital, dynamic and always-connected lifestyles. The experience is further enriched with customers having dedicated hotline services, plus priority in Globe stores, as well as worldwide perks and privileges—24/7 access to an international concierge, access to airport lounges around the world, exclusive hotel discounts, and even a personal shopper abroad.

Recently, Globe Platinum welcomed Chef JP as one of its newest faces to represent the brand. Marketing Brand Director Kaisie Del Carmen says, “It’s our commitment to ensure that Chef JP, alongside our other customers, gets to live their modern lifestyles in today’s digital setting. From our best-in-class Platinum Lifestyle Plans with the richest mobile allocation to the best content partners, and even with the enhanced perks, privileges, and service, you are assured that you receive the signature customer experience we’re known for. Chef JP’s success goes beyond the kitchen and is evident in every part of his lifestyle, so we make sure he’s always inspired and connected to everything and everyone they love, so that he can continue achieving his success.”

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