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Ten inspiring quotes from David Guerrero and Merlee Jayme

MANILA – As the leaders of two of the most award-winning agencies in the country, the Guerrero in BBDO Guerrero and the Jayme in DM9JaymeSyfu have certainly inspired a lot of people with their words , whether it’s the copy they write, or the speeches they give at the many awards festivals they are invited to on a regular basis both as recipient and judge.

Here are some of the most memorable things that David Guerrero and Merlee Jayme have said in the last few years:

On crap:


“You have to go through a lot of crap to get to a good idea.” – David Guerrero at his Cannes Master Class, the Crap Ideas Workshop

On the power of creativity and advertising:

“Creativity actually makes a difference to humanity.” – Merlee Jayme at the 2014 Ad Summit

“Advertising offers the chance to change the world through communication ideas. It is where business realizes it needs creativity. And thus it is where capital is at its most human, and most emotional.” – David Guerrero in an interview at the Red Apple Festival 2014

“The creative mind can do wonders. But never underestimate the power of the creative heart.” – Merlee Jayme at the 2014 Ad Summit

On change:

“Without change there is no life. And ideas are the most powerful agents of change that we have. Countries have been started because of ideas. Causes rallied. And movements made. Advertising deals in ideas. So it is potentially very powerful. If you work in advertising you have a great opportunity to do good. And you also have a big responsibility to use that power wisely!” – David Guerrero, in an interview at the Red Apple Festival 2014

On effectiveness:

“Something has to be creative for it to be effective.” – Merlee Jayme in the adobo March-April 2012 cover story

On teamwork:

“If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a whole agency to make a successful campaign.” – David Guerrero at the launch of Tony Harris’ book, Advertising: More Fun in the Philippines

“The enemy is idleness. If one person is idle, tsismis (gossip) comes out, discontent comes out. I think the secret is, everybody has to be busy, but they have to know why they’re busy and be working towards one goal.” – Merlee Jayme in the adobo November-December 2013 cover story

On Asian creativity:

“The exciting thing for agencies and creatives in Asia is that we’re on a level playing field with the whole world, and there’s no reason why ideas from Asia cannot compete globally and there’s no reason why we can’t do great ideas here that can run everywhere.” – David Guerrero at the 2011 Yahoo! panel on the emerging markets of Southeast Asia 

On goals:

“An award is NEVER a goal. Great work is.” – Merlee Jayme, on Twitter

David Guerrero and Merlee Jayme are set to inspire again and impart even more wisdom as they discuss “The Battle for Creativity” at the upcoming adobo Festival of Ideas. Visit festivalofideas.adobomagazine.com for more information, or SMtickets.com to book seats.

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