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Truelogic Online Solutions, Inc. launches Free Writing Workshops Manila

MANILA – Truelogic Online Solutions, Inc. on Monday kicked off what will now be a series of writing workshops for professional and freelance writers, content creators, and students–Free Writing Workshops Manila.

Tim Tomlinson, President of the New York Writers Workshop was the first of the international writers who flew to Manila to share tips and techniques in writing engaging fiction and non-fiction pieces. According to Tomlinson, a good writer does things that he or she can get away with. And how do you know that you are getting away with something that you did? It’s when you get your readers to keep on reading.


As a company providing content for clients in the US, Australia, UK and around the world, Truelogic thought of setting up the workshops to train their writers, “Our writers need more training in the western style of writing, there’s a difference from Filipino style of writing. It has to be something that the British and American audience can relate to what they’re talking about,” said Maya Guilatco, HR & Administration Manager, Truelogic Solutions, Inc.

But simply because they want other writers who are not part of their company to take advantage of these trainings, Truelogic is opening the workshop to the public for free, “We want as much writers to join us because not often do we have this kind of workshop especially for the young ones plus the team members also get to meet co-writers and not get stuck in the office.”

The number of non-members that can be accommodated in the quarterly workshops, though, are limited so Truelogic will be screening the applicants–their LinkedIn profiles and published articles–to make sure that they are only taking in “writers who take writing seriously.”

Interested writers may apply for the workshops through their Facebook page here. The next workshop will be happening in March 2016.

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