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Y&R Philippines grows with homegrown promotions

MANILA – Living by the mantra “Resist the Usual” does take one to the most unexpected places.

Instead of looking outside to fill the new leadership role, as was the “usual” practice, Y&R Philippines instead went the “resist” route. And as it turned out, it was one of the simplest and best decisions they have made in recent years — elevating homegrown talents and longtime Y&R culture drivers Agnes Almasan-Chuapoco and Maya Ambalada-Roldan as General Manager and Client Service Director, respectively. Movements that have caused much celebration and support from within the Y&R Philippines family.

Agnes, or Ags to her colleagues, has been with Y&R for 14 years, having worked and stayed on top of the office’s biggest clients like Caltex and Ford and led projects for brands in telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, real estate, utilities, and beverage. Ags and her team have been instrumental in the work that won the agency its Cannes Lion for Caltex, and have been responsible for mentoring and nurturing new agency accounts talent to rise to various clients’ business challenges.


Maya, in turn, has been a Y&R veteran for 23 years, having handled current and former clients from Colgate-Palmolive, CDO Foodsphere, Asia Brewery Inc, United Laboratories, Andok’s Litson Corp, BPI & Accenture. Maya is an active industry mainstay and a board member of the 4As, acting as its current Corporate Comptroller. She too had been a stalwart Y&R pillar, one of the movers that have made the local office a consistent model for an efficient and nurturing work environment.

“At Y&R, we pride ourselves on nurturing local talent from the ground-up. We are very excited to see both Agnes and Maya’s expertise and experience taking them to the next level within the organization,” said Chris Foster, Y&R Asia President.

Together, Ags and Maya will be working closely with Chief Creative Officer Rey Tiempo and Finance Director Ricky Gundran, forming the new Y&R Management leadership team. Under the group’s newfound energy and push, the agency is expected to continue the momentum it has gathered — bolstered by its digital pivot plan and guided by the Y&R philosophy of Creative Intelligence, that has recently been winning pitches and driving new businesses.

In photo are Ricky Gundran, Finance Director; Agnes Almasan-Chuapoco, General Manager; Maya Ambalada-Roldan, Client Service Director; Rey Tiempo, Chief Creative Officer 

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