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11-month-old GIGIL wins in Spikes, Boomerangs

Ideas agency GIGIL snatched metals in the Spikes, Asia-Pacific’s accolade for excellence in creative communications, and the Boomerangs, the Philippines’ digital awards show that honors work that are both creative and marketing effective.

GIGIL took home a Spikes bronze in the Healthcare category for client KonsultaMD, for its digital film “Dr. Internet.”

The same piece was awarded a bronze in the Digital Craft category of the Boomerangs. “Tapoints,” an idea the agency created for client 7-Eleven, also won a bronze in the Effectiveness category of the same show.


Previously, GIGIL took home 7 Boomerang shortlist honors, also for Cobra Energy Drink, Adobo Connection, and Slurpee.

“We’re thankful for this early recognition of our agency,” Partner Herbert Hernandez says. “It’s a validation that our work’s not just creative, but also delivers business results,” Partner Badong Abesamis adds.

GIGIL is the agency of 7-Eleven, Cobra Energy Drink, Cashalo, KonsultaMD, LANDBANK, Levi’s, and TJN.

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