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5 Things to Expect at the Consumer Insighting and Storytelling Conference 2018

MANILA – This coming April 26-27, marketers, advertising creatives, and business decision-makers will gather for the Consumer Insighting and Storytelling Conference, a unique seminar-workshop organized by Synergy Market Research + Strategic Consultancy.
As conveyed by its title, the conference is the only learning event focusing on the intersection of consumer insighting and storytelling – two areas that are becoming increasingly important in the marketing arsenal, as brands face stiffer competition and higher consumer expectations. 
With less than three weeks left until the conference, here are some things to look forward to at the event:
1. Get an insight about insights. 
Consumer insights are a powerful currency in marketing, as they encapsulate a truth behind how consumers think, do, and feel. However, the word ‘insight’ has often fallen to abuse and misuse. “Insights are not simply a data point or a verbatim that we heard our consumers say,” said Germaine Reyes, President and CEO of Synergy. “True insights come from connecting the dots between data, observations, and even nonverbal cues, and relating these with the bigger realities of our consumers’ lifeworlds and what’s happening in the overall market.” 
At the conference, attendees will learn different frameworks to mine consumer insights, which can be the basis of brand stories.
2. Learn the elements and structure behind every great story. 
No matter how great the insight, brands can fall short of creating a connection with the consumers because there’s a missing element that create the engagement. 
Storytelling cuts across different genres. There are story elements and an underlying structure that make certain stories more memorable and ‘pull in’ the audience more than others. Find out about more about this and some case studies from speaker Joko Magalong, a Distinguished Toastmaster from Toastmasters International, and a storyteller for Adarna House and Pinoy Storytellers. 
3. Decode what brand stories work on digital. 
With the ease and speed at which we can publish content online, it has become harder for brand-driven content to stand out in this space.
Presenting findings from a worldwide research from advertising firm Havas Media, Arthur Policarpio will share what digital content types rank as the most effective for specific industries. Hear case studies from both international and local brands investing in digital storytelling. 
4. Anthropology and neuropsychology meet advertising and marketing.
Consumer insighting is both a science and art, and it will be made richer with the exposure to diverse thinking.
Watch out for sessions such as From the Outside In: An Anthropological approach in Mining Deep Consumer Insights, with Aileen Rondilla, an Anthropology Professor from the Ateneo de Manila University, The Psychology of Storytelling: Why and how “hugot” happens* by Melinda Tan, a Licensed Psychologist trained in the applications of Neuropsychology, and a panel discussion on Why Emotions Trump Logic, Storytelling’s Impact on Consumer Purchase Decisions, with panelists representing different fields of expertise.
5. Undergo a design thinking workshop to solve a real-life brand case study.
On the second day, attendees will put what they have learned into practical application, as they answer a business case through a design thinking workshop.
Design thinking has become a go-to process for companies who want to introduce new innovations or new ways of thinking to solve a problem. It is a customer-centric approach and is highly-collaborative.
Leading the workshop is Miguel Aranaz, a design and innovation strategist trained in D. School of Stanford University and Goldsmiths, University of London.
The Consumer Insighting and Storytelling Conference 2017 will happen on April 26-27 at The Events Center, Century City Mall, Makati City. Ticket rates are Php 15,500 per person, or avail of the group rate at Php 12,000 for a group of three or more. 
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