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Bickerstaff.658 is Epica’s most awarded creative agency in Central and Eastern Europe

KYIV, UKRAINE — Bickerstaff.658 was recognized as the most awarded creative agency in Central and Eastern Europe. It is also the youngest creative agency that received such a status. While the agency is only two years old, its awards collection already hold trophies from Cannes Lions, Red Dot, The Drum, Epica Awards, ADCE Awards, and many others.

Bickerstaff.658 is a Ukrainian creative agency based in Kyiv. True to its Ukrainian roots of resilience, the agency launched its very first project during the quarantine crisis and now continues to grow and develop even in the hardest time of war in the country. Founder and Creative Director Illia Anufrienko said: “The crisis teaches harsh lessons, but at the same time, it is a window of opportunity. This is a game of the bravest, where you must become stronger and develop your best qualities”.

During the two years of its existence, the agency has already launched many campaigns for the Office of the President of Ukraine, the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, and commercial projects for Ukrainian and European brands as well.


This year at Epica Awards, it received gold for the “We Instead of Me” project for Galychyna, a bronze for Laska Upcycle Merch for Laska Store, and were shortlisted three times with projects for Ukraine Now.

“We Instead of Me” is a project about uniting Ukrainians from all regions. The campaign was created for Galychyna, a Ukrainian brand of milk products, which name of the brand coincides with the name of one of the historical regions.

After February 24, the team decided to support Ukrainians who had to leave their homes and confessed their love for all 14 historical regions of Ukraine by giving the brand 14 different names, so everyone could join in and share their love for their native land. In support of the campaign, it created a commercial with a very important message: “We instead of me.”

Laska Upcycle Merch is the revolutionized way to create merch from used clothes. Together with the Laska charity store, Bickerstaff.734 created a project to change the way how companies use and produce branded merch clothes.

The agency offered to launch a whole new business direction instead of creating a usual campaign to encourage donations to the thrift store. The idea was to dress teams of the big, famous, and influential companies’ brands into pre-used clothing.

Apart from being the most awarded agency, Bickerstaff.658 also prides itself as one of the fastest-growing agencies in the region.

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