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Brand & Business: Digital-first agency SVEN announces Metacon PH, the first metaverse conference in Philippines for brands

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Filipinos have been stepping into the Metaverse: a booming and thriving digital space where brands and companies all over the globe have invested into. However, despite its widespread reach and people’s growing interest in it, many Philippine brands remain unaware of its potential. 

The Metaverse offers opportunities that are too huge to miss! Determined to help PH brands be ready to step in and not get left behind, advertising agency SVEN is proud to announce the launch of Metacon PH: The first-ever metaverse conference in the PH for brands

Metacon PH, going live on July 28 & 29, 2022, offers “a practical immersion into the metaverse. We want to inspire brands to take action by tackling the infinite meta-possibilities that can be explored while equipping everyone with what they need to know so they can make the right meta-related decisions and truly be Digital 1st in this new digital frontier,” shared Arvi Villacin, SVEN’s CEO and chief tech geek


For its first year, Metacon PH is set to launch online and will be free for all audiences throughout its 2-day run! Audiences can look forward to talks from esteemed Metaverse speakers who come from a wide array of backgrounds, industries, and Metaverse experiences: digital 1st teams, agencies, brands, and individuals. Including experts active in the local and international Metaverse scenes, Metacon PH also aims to be a platform for local players who have decided to step in, enabling them to share their discoveries and showcase their innovations with the Filipinos, first and foremost. 

Featuring four primary universes covering the different corners of the metaverse, audiences have much to look forward to this July: 

The 1st Universe – Metaverse: The Basics offers brands an introduction to anything and everything about the Metaverse, from basic terminologies to the technologies and platforms involved. 

The 2nd Universe – Brandverse: Brands in the Metaverse shows brands the current scope of what has been done in the Metaverse, what brands can do, and what awaits if they decide to join in.

The 3rd Universe – Communityverse: Communities in the Metaverse highlights the different communities which have brought success to the Metaverse and contributed to what makes it what it is in the present. 

The 4th Universe – On-Ground: Insights to Guide Your Metaverse Decisions is led by SVEN, which will present its key findings on how Filipinos’ perception of digital has changed throughout the times.

SVEN is very excited about the possibilities once metaverse knowledge is unlocked for PH brands. “Ultimately, our goal is to make the Philippines Southeast Asia’s – or perhaps even the world’s – inspiration for brand success in the metaverse,” Arvi shares.

Step into the Metaverse. Step into the future today. Don’t get left behind—be Digital 1st! Book your free Metacon PH tickets now at

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