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Events: IMMAP’s Boomerang Awards set to return and celebrate creative excellence marketing technology

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The Internet & Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) is now accepting entries for the Boomerang Awards 2022 as the awards show returns with a bang.

While the past couple of years have been filled with pauses because of the lockdown, it has also been a period of big leaps as it saw countless advancements, accelerations, and adaptations in the industry. And with that, the 2022 Boomerang Awards is an opportunity to celebrate the best of these changes by recognizing marketing technology and innovation excellence in the Philippines.

The Boomerang Awards further welcomes the evolution of martech this year by accepting entries in more fields. This includes entries in the field of AI and Machine Learning, Immersive, Blockchain, IoT, and Cloud to name a few.


”This year’s Boomerang Awards recognizes the breakthroughs and accelerations that brands in the Philippines have applied in marketing technology innovation. What excites us more is how this will help inspire and shape the future of marketing that places high value on tech innovation-driven consumer experiences while moving the needle for growth that really matters for brands,” said Manny Gonzales, 2022 Boomerang Awards chair, IMMAP, consulting head and strategy director, Ogilvy Philippines.

“With the massive boom in digital marketing and transformation initiatives spurred on by the pandemic, the Boomerang awards seek to recognize those “Forward Tinkerers” who have demonstrated the winning combination of innovativeness, creativity, and effectiveness in their work,” shared Digs Dimagiba, president, IMMAP & Chief Marketing Officer, Metrobank. “We believe that the examples of the finalists and awardees will set new benchmarks of excellence and inspire everyone in the industry.”

Another addition to the awards show this year is the Orange Boomerang Award. This award recognizes college students from Philippine schools who have created creative and innovative marketing technology work in the past two years. This category, like the rest, will be judged with the three pillars of the Boomerang Awards in mind: Innovation, Creativity, and Effectiveness.

“As always, part of the thrill of being part of the Boomerang Awards is the jury selection process. We can’t yet reveal the 2022 lineup; however, the mix will include experts in both established and emerging fields,” remarked Leigh Reyes, co-chair, 2022 Boomerang Awards, IMMAP, & Chair 3meritus (C3PO) MullenLowe TREYNA.

“The three pillars of the Boomerang Awards– Innovation, Creativity, and Effectiveness – serve as our lighthouse not only in judging work, but also igniting fresh ideas. Constantly raising the bar in a landscape that is always evolving as well,” Gonzales added.

The 2022 Boomerang Awards is made possible in partnership with its sponsors: Investing in Women — an initiative of the Australian government, Grab Ads, Meta Philippines, and Google.

Learn more about the Boomerang Awards and download the entry kit here.

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