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Brand & Business: DITO CME leverages synergy as business growth strategy

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Under the Udenna Group’s diversified network of companies, handling its investments in media, communications, entertainment, and information technology is DITO CME Holdings Corp. (DCME). DCME looks to benefit from the synergies available under its ecosystem of companies and industries, allowing DCME and its subsidiaries to leverage the Group’s knowledge and expertise to further its growth in digital spaces.

DCME envisions becoming a leader in the country’s evolving telecommunications and digital sectors, driving connectivity and innovation through next-generation technologies that will greatly enhance the digital lifestyle of every Filipino.

“The diversified holdings of the Udenna Group in various businesses provide DCME exposure to various industries where it can build on growing its digitally-focused platforms,” said DCME President and Director Eric Alberto.


Alberto heads a team of seasoned management leaders whose expertise lies in IT, Telecommunications, and Digitalization. According to him, the company focuses its investment strategy on industries and segments that play a significant role in the way people transact, communicate, share information, and consume content and data.

DCME subsidiaries include the country’s third major telco player DITO Telecommunity, customized online educational platform Luna Academy, managed analytics hub Unalytics, and marketing, communications, and media solutions specialist Acuity Global.

DITO Telecommunity, for instance, utilizes the extensive network of retail stores and establishments of the Udenna Group, in addition to tapping Udenna Infrastructure Corporation as one of its contractors for tower construction.

Phoenix Petroleum is currently a major distributor of DITO Telecommunity products, through its network of nearly 700 gasoline stations as of mid-2021. The telco company is also tapping Unalytics and Acuity Global for its analytics and advertising services. The latter is able to monetize the assets of the Group, such as sea vessels, gas stations, and landholdings, into revenue-earning advertising spaces while contributing significant savings through aggregated media buys.

As a corporation with diversified holdings, the Udenna Group has growing manpower resource needs. Luna Academy aids in supporting internship programs and efficient job-matching for the recruitment needs of the various companies under the Udenna ecosystem.

Luna Academy also amplifies the network reach of Enderun Colleges and other educational institutions, given the rise of e-learning and the growing relevance of the online skills training industry.

Unalytics also provided Udenna’s food retail chains (Conti’s and Wendy’s) with conversational analytics that resulted in improved customer experience and incremental orders. The same tools enable Udenna Infrastructure Corp. to do progress reports and analysis, financial forecasting, optimal resource planning, and predictive scenario projection, enabling its business users to also get relevant and actionable insights.

Unalytics also empowered Phoenix UDENNA Insurance Corp. with solutions that speed up critical sales and marketing reports and analysis. Worklink Services, Inc. also helps fulfill DCME’s logistical requirements.

Aside from benefiting from the synergies of the Udenna Group, the business strategies of DCME include focusing on industries and sectors that drive technological revolution, as well as investing in innovative products and services that adapt to a fast-growing and evolving consumer market, among others.

“DCME is focused on identifying and capitalizing differentiated investment opportunities,” Alberto said. “Aiming for inclusive growth and human-centered innovation, we will deliver best-in-class technologies that will make human transactions simpler, faster, and easier.”

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