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Brand & Business: Eastern Communications donates Php 228K to ‘Gadgets For All’ for students, teachers this holiday season

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Premier telecommunications company Eastern Communications continues its support for the education sector through the holiday season as the company pledged over Php 228,000 worth of support for Gadgets For All, a charitable program supported by the Synergeia Foundation, Inc. that gathers laptops, desktops, and smartphones to be given to students and teachers for free for their distance learning needs.

The recent virtual donation turnover was held between Eastern Communications and Synergeia Foundation. The pledge is expected to aid over 67 beneficiary families to be distributed by the foundation.

Committed to empowering Filipino students and educators during the pandemic this Christmas season, Eastern Communications in partnership with the said organization held a pledge project among its employees. This initiative encouraged everyone to donate old but functional gadgets or provide a financial donation.


Eastern Communications Head of Sales Michael Casteneda mentioned, “This initiative allowed Eastern Communications and its employees to be part of something bigger, bigger than ourselves. We are truly honored to be partnering with Synergeia Foundation and help communities Leap Forward.”

“We’re beyond happy for the success of this initiative and this would not have been possible without the support of our Ka-Easterns, our employees, who are one with our goal of making a difference in the lives of students and teachers this holiday season,” shared Eastern Communications COVID-19 Task Force and Safety Committee Chairman Rene M. Castillo.

“We are very grateful for Eastern Communications for their support to the advocacy of Synergeia Foundation and Gadgets for All, and most importantly, to our Filipino students and educators who are in need of functional laptops, tablets, and more in these trying times. It’s an honor to become an instrument in touching the lives of these people this Christmas,” said Synergeia Foundation Inc. President Dr. Milwida M. Guevara.

Through their unique brand of being both “High Tech” and “High Touch,” Eastern Communications remains committed towards nurturing creativity and entrepreneurship among children no matter the circumstances, helping the education sector create the country’s next generation of leaders.

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