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Brand & Business: Havas Media Group offers advertising ethics certification course to over 9,000 staff and clients for free

SINGAPORE — Media agency Havas Media Group today became the first agency to offer the Institute of Advertising Ethics’ (IAE) Certified Ethical Advertising Executive (CEAE) course to staff and clients globally at no cost. The CEAE Certification, developed by IAE in collaboration with the faculties of the University of Creighton Business School and the University of Texas at Austin, is the first and only ethics certification for the advertising and communications industry.

Havas Media Group is freely offering the CEAE accreditation to over 9,000 staff members and clients globally, embedding an ethics framework that runs through the organization and instilling a culture of ethics via training and talent engagement. The goal is to have the majority of Havas Media Group North America CEAE certified by the end of the year.

“Our goal is to create a more sustainable, ethical, and inclusive media ecosystem, holding ourselves, our partners, clients, and the industry at large to the highest ethical standards,” said Havas Media Group Global Managing Director, Ethical Media & Strategic Partnerships Ben Downing, who also serves on IAE’s advisory council. “Ethics is key to delivering brilliant media experiences that consumers value and trust and protecting the future of their most meaningful media. Creating a future generation of ethical advertising practitioners through the CEAE certification is an important way we can make a meaningful difference to brands, businesses and people.”


The digital course is comprised of three video lecture modules and an assessment, designed to translate ethical considerations into business decisions and instill a set of principles for decision making in the new advertising workplace. The certification is now available to Havas Media Group staff through Havas University, the agency’s proprietary education platform, and will become externally accessible to Havas clients through the platform in the coming weeks.

“We are the media experience agency and delivering an ethical and inclusive media experience is a shared commitment that runs through our entire organization, regardless of tenure, seniority, or department,” said Havas Media Group North America CEO Greg Walsh. “Once the majority of staff gets accredited, we look forward to leading our clients through this important process, with the goal of promoting ethical practices for years to come.”

CEAE certification is administered by accredible.com, providing a verified, independent credential that remains active throughout the recipient’s career. Havas Media Group’s support of CEAE certification enables the accreditation to be available at a nominal administrative fee to free to students, apprentices, new entrants to our profession, and those returning after a career break, regardless of affiliation with the agency.

“Two of the foundational principles of the IAE are enabling advertisers and their agencies to express ethical concerns and promoting trust and transparency throughout our industry,” said IAE Founding Chief Operating Officer Andrew Susman. “By eliminating obstacles for staff and clients to receive CEAE accreditation, Havas Media Group is leading the charge to establish an ethical future for our profession.”

Havas Media Group has a history of ethical leadership across the industry, being the first agency to join the Conscious Advertising Network at a global level, creating the Meaningful Marketplace to support trusted news sources and platforms, and launching the Social Equity Marketplace to promote minority-owned and LGBTQ+ businesses and supporting the “Protect our Press” pledge to support local professional journalism.

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