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Brand & Business: Heineken’s corporate refresh establishes stronger foothold in Philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Filipino beer lovers have more reason to celebrate as Heineken, maker of the world’s most international premium beer, boosts its presence in the Philippines by re-establishing itself with a new corporate identity.

The move comes following the Dutch brewer’s recognition of the Philippines as one of the major drivers for growth in Southeast Asia, considered a top region in beer consumption.

Underlining the country’s love for beer, reported that the Philippines’ beer market was at $2 billion in 2015, with a growth of about 6.38% from 2015 to 2019. 2020’s lockdowns severely impacted industries across the board but with the easing of restrictions and reopening of businesses, the country’s beer market is expected to reach $3.41 billion in retail prices, resulting in a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 4.7% per annum from 2020 to 2025.

Country Manager Michael Vainio

Country Manager Michael Vainio
is at the helm of Heineken Philippines to oversee the popular brand’s expansion. Vainio has years of experience with CPG categories under his belt. He served for 12 years at Kimberly-Clark as general manager for Singapore and the Philippines, as well as head of customer development prior to joining Heineken Philippines.

Heineken entered the Philippine market in 2016 through AB Heineken Philippines, a 50-50 joint venture partnership between Heineken and Philippine-based diversified beverage company Asia Brewery Inc. Now under a reformed partnership structure, Heineken Philippines has established its own sales and marketing office based in Manila, with Asia Brewery continuing as Heineken’s local manufacturing partner and distributor of the international brand’s premium beer products in the Philippines.

A commitment to purity and quality has made Heineken one of the most iconic beer brands in the world for over 150 years. It’s known for its green bottle and red star, and its unforgettable rich and crisp flavors with subtle fruity notes: the perfect medley of 100% pure natural ingredients of barley, hops, and water—together with its own special A-Yeast that gives each brew the characteristic balanced taste.

For the Dutch beer company that carries more than 300 beer and cider brands and is brand-present in more than 190 markets, it’s the perfect opportunity to make its beloved beer, Heineken, a staple in the Filipino drinking culture.

Welcome to the world of Heineken, follow Heineken Philippines on Facebook and Instagram for more refreshing ways to chill.

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