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Brand & Business: In solidarity with Ukraine, Lürzer’s Archive and Cresta Awards refuse publication and award entries from Russia

LONDON, UK — Lürzer’s Archive and the Cresta Awards have decided to ban publication and award entries from Russia, following the country’s ongoing military invasion of Ukraine.

In a statement, Lürzer’s Archive and the Cresta Awards express their solidarity with the people of Ukraine and all those affected by the ongoing war.

We urge all in our industry to isolate, block, and repudiate Russia.


With immediate effect our own awards and publications will accept no entries, editorial, advertising, or other contribution from any entity based in Russia or controlled by Russian interests.

Any income we receive this year from agencies, photographers, advertisers or corporates with close Russian connections will be donated to the Red Cross. These restrictions apply equally to Belarus.

We have no desire to punish hard-working and talented creatives in Russia, but until their government ceases its criminal invasion of Ukraine and its distribution of baseless propaganda, we have no alternative.

The industry we work in is a small but vital part of the global community and the economy – we can and must all play our part in standing against this unprovoked Russian aggression.

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