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Brand & Business: Mondial Medical Technologies and Agfa Group partner to bring innovative radiology solutions to the Philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Mondial Medical Technologies and Agfa Group formalized a partnership to enable the distribution of highly innovative European-sourced medical equipment to Mondial’s growing clientele in the Philippines.

The Agfa Group through its Healthcare entity will serve as Mondial Medical Technologies’ direct supplier of radiology solutions for diagnostic imaging that set new standards in productivity, safety, clinical value, and cost effectiveness.


Mica F. Tan, CEO of MFT Group, the holding company of Mondial Medical Technologies says, “Partnering with Agfa strengthens our portfolio of globally competitive medical solutions and serves the purpose of attending to the increasing health care needs of the Philippines. We not only want to bring these technologies here but more importantly, we want it within the people’s reach. It is our joint mission to deliver as Agfa always says, it’s care that you can see.”

Among the technologies set to be introduced to the Philippines is Agfa’s Retrofit. X-ray departments can now opt for an affordable upgrade to direct radiography (DR) while protecting their current investments. The DR Retrofit’s key quality is its versatility. The Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) technology eliminates the need for an electric connection to the X-ray system which allows seamless use with any X-ray system right away. With minimal training time required due to the ease of use of the workstation, it is fully operational in just one day.

Dr Ravi Pararajasingam, PhD, Agfa Group’s General Manager for ASEAN and South Asia Cluster, says that “We stand with our commitment to Mondial Medical Technologies. From where it stands right now and from the past interactions that we’ve had with Mondial, this has been extremely positive. We strive to always be as forthcoming as we can with market information so that we can gain the success that we so desire in the Philippines together.”

Mondial Medical Technologies is a medical equipment company born out of a vision to provide complete, superior standard and globally competitive medical products and solutions in the Philippines. Mondial Medical Technologies is a subsidiary of private equity firm, MFT Group, that holds businesses in 10 countries and 20 cities worldwide.

Trends on spending by the medical industry put clear emphasis on cost efficiency. The current global health situation underlines this significantly. Agfa’s direct radiology portfolio is designed around speed, precision, comfort without sacrificing excellent image quality.

These breakthrough technologies’ availability in the Philippines is in line with the company vision of Mondial Medical Technologies.

The partnership was made formal through an online contract signing event last August 18, 2021. The executives in the signing event were Mica F. Tan (CEO of MFT Group of Companies), Angel V. Yrastorza (Managing Director of Mondial Medical Technologies), Ravi Pararajasingam (General Manager for ASEAN and South Asia Cluster of Agfa Group), and Edison Laserna (Country Business Development Manager, Philippines).

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