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Brand & Business: Publicis launches ‘Work Your World’ on Marcel as part of its commitment to future of work

PARIS, FRANCE — Publicis Groupe [Euronext Paris FR0000130577, CAC 40] today announced ‘Work Your World’, a global employee-first experience unique to Marcel, which combines flexibility, opportunity, and growth for all talent. Launching in January, with health and safety at the core, the program will allow every Publicis Groupe employee to work from any accessible country where the Groupe is present, for up to 6 weeks a year.

“We have been working hard on how to turn the hybrid world into new opportunities for everyone at Publicis, and make the future of work more creative and more daring. We know the pandemic isn’t over, and we know that the world could close again at any time. But that’s not a reason to close our horizons and perspectives. We will continue to move forward, because one day this crisis will come to an end and because we owe it to our people to make their professional and personal experience at Publicis truly unique,” said Arthur Sadoun, global Chairman and CEO of Publicis Groupe.


“Our people have been incredibly resourceful despite the limitations of the pandemic. They deserve to work for a company as resourceful as they are. Work Your World can help every Publicis employee “work their world” in a bigger, better, and brighter way thanks to our scale, diversity, and Marcel,” said Carla Serrano, global CSO of Publicis Groupe.

Work Your World will go live at the beginning of 2022. Through the landing page on Marcel, employees will be able to:

  • Browse local and global destinations, uniquely selected for them by Marcel’s intelligence, in over 100 countries where Publicis has offices.
  • See dynamic updates on accessible countries and locations, with information on local health and business regulations, to take the necessary measures and precautions before travel.
  • Find accommodation through Home Swap Home, a feature open exclusively to the Publicis community, which enables our people to share and swap accommodation with colleagues.
  • Connect with other employees in different countries, via Marcel’s profile intelligence, to discover what it’s like to live and work in a given location the best time to go, and more.
  • Access a dedicated 24-hour contact center, to receive real-time support from experts for questions related to travel, health regulations, visas, and work permits.
  • Participate in the Work Your World community, a network established by our people for our people.

Work Your World is a future-facing initiative, yet draws on Publicis Groupe’s heritage and the values it has always stood for: Viva La Difference. Thanks to Marcel, every employee will have the chance to access this program and experience other offices, cultures and lifestyles, through a collaborative community.

Publicis Groupe will be sharing more details on Work Your World at their second Viva La Différence seminar on Marcel in December.

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