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Brand & Business: SGAG celebrates 10 years of making Singaporeans laugh

SINGAPORE – SGAG, Singapore’s leading comedy content platform, marks its 10th anniversary on Feb. 6. Founded in 2012 by Adrian Ang and Karl Mak, SGAG has grown to become one of Singapore’s leading digital media brands, reaching out to millions in the country.

This month, the SGAG team will mark the milestone with a series of appreciation events for its partners and followers, starting with an anniversary music video “Who knows SGAG more?!” that will go live on SGAG’s platforms starting on Feb. 6.

“Ten years is an amazing milestone, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our team, partners, and most importantly our fans. We’re proud to have created SGAG to show that Singaporeans do have a sense of humour, and we want to continue to be a go-to for all things entertainment that is not only locally relatable, but globally relevant. As such, we decided to mark this important milestone with a series of content that will bring old and new SGAG fans together to enjoy what we’ve created together as a community,” said Hepmil Media Group’s Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Adrian Ang.


SGAG will also shift its focus to define the future of entertainment in Singapore for its next phase of growth. Beyond content production, the team aims to expand the brand’s online and offline touchpoints to engage its audiences, as well as to nurture a new generation of content creators who can contribute to the brand’s vision of increasing emotional uplift and resulting in a positive brand experience.

“We would have never thought that a hobby page which we started back in school would birth a business that would reach millions of people locally and globally. 10 years may be a milestone to be celebrated, but this also marks a new page for us as we evolve to set the stage in becoming a household name for all things entertainment – in Singapore and beyond. We aim to chart the direction for Singapore’s entertainment industry through creative content and solutions which will continue our mission in making every Singaporean’s day a better one, while exploring new channels and platforms to reach more audiences. We’re extremely thankful to our clients, investors and audiences who have supported and journeyed with us for the past decade, without them, none of this would be possible,” said Karl Mak, CEO & co-founder of Hepmil Media Group.

10 years, 10 Milestones

Over the last 10 years, the SGAG crew has grown strength-to-strength, becoming the go-to platform for 1 in every 2 Singaporeans for their daily entertainment relief. Here are 10 SGAG milestones achieved by the team in the last 3,653 days:

Celebrating 10 years of SGAG

To mark its 10th anniversary, SGAG will be releasing a series of special content across its Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok channels to thank its fans:

SGAG is part of Hepmil Media Group, which has recently raised US$10 million in its Series A funding round aimed at supporting its expansion plans in Singapore and the region in 2022. The funding will further deepen the content capabilities of SGAG, as well as MGAG and PGAG to support new niche content areas, including social commerce capabilities.

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