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Brand & Business: theAsianparent partners with MoEngage to engage 100 million parents in Southeast Asia

SINGAPORE — theAsianparent, a parenting content and community tech platform, has partnered with MoEngage with a goal to deliver information, expert opinion, and valuable products and services to 100 million parents in Southeast Asia across various communications channels including web, app, email, social media, and push notifications.

With a current reach of over 35 million across 12 countries, theAsianparent is helping young parents experience healthy pregnancies and raise healthy families through the right information, knowledge, and expertise. theAsianparent’s vision is to continue creating awareness among young parents by providing them access to the right tools through their web platform and mobile application, and in turn, reducing the number of stillbirths across the globe by 10%. Parents are also introduced to a supportive and non-judgmental community of peers and experts, for sound and relevant advice.

As the pandemic hit in 2020, the health and wellness of children became the top priority for parents. theAsianparent helped young caretakers navigate through the sea of misinformation through their expert-reviewed content. With a 2.3x YoY (between 2020 to 2021) increase in the organic acquisition, 26% improvement in Active users, and 5% uplift in daily and monthly retention, parents across the world turned to theAsianparent for parenting advice.


Nadine Yap, Chief Product Officer, theAsianparent commented, “Mapping out and following the individual user journey is vital for us to deliver relevant information and tools to our community on theAsianparent. Our partnership with MoEngage allows us to not only achieve this, but the data we receive through the platform also allows us to better understand our users and answer their needs more effectively and efficiently.”

theAsianparent is focused on catering to the individual concerns of various parent cohorts, right from pregnancy to raising children. The parenting community platform achieves this by providing parents with personalized, timely, and relevant communication.

theAsianparent’s state-of-the-art infrastructure that enables them to identify precise segments according to parenting stage and demographic has been instrumental in providing delightful and personalized experiences. By integrating MoEngage on their infrastructure, theAsianparent can consolidate all their communications channels to better manage their customer relationships by personalizing offerings based on parents’ wants and needs.

theAsianparent also uses its platform to recommend the right products and services to parents, relevant to their specific concerns thus providing brands and experts a platform to connect with the parents. With the eventual end of third-party cookies in sight, theAsianparent provides brands a platform to leverage customer insights, and connect with the right customer segments through personalized offerings.

Further to that end, the Singapore-headquartered parenting community platform has launched its VIParents KOL program to enable brands to engage directly with its most vocal and influential while providing their community the opportunities to increase family income through workshops, joining brand activations, answering surveys, and contributing content.

“We’re delighted to be a part of theAsianparent’s amazing growth journey. With a local presence across Southeast Asia, MoEngage is able to support theAsianparent’s marketing initiatives across the region. We look forward to providing them with all the insights necessary to drive personalized communication, in turn aiding young parents and caretakers to nurture healthy and strong families around the globe,” said Saurabh Madan, Vice President & General Manager of SEA and ANZ, MoEngage.

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