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Brand & Business: Viddsee to launch Viddsee Labs, an IP-incubator to develop and testbed content for global opportunities

SINGAPORE — Viddsee is set to launch Viddsee Labs, its very own IP-Incubator that will see greater focus and resources invested to develop Intellectual Property (IP) rights and ownership at each stage of a filmmaker’s journey from script to screen, locally and internationally.

The move will see the leading storyteller platform mark its foray into IP development, moving beyond content hosting, amplification, and commissioning to provide opportunities for growth to storytellers on the Viddsee platform by identifying good content and supporting production and distribution.

Said Ho Jia Jian, CEO and co-founder of Viddsee: “We are excited to launch Viddsee Labs, our very own IP-incubator which will see Viddsee going one step further in giving our utmost to support outstanding storytellers, content creators, writers, and filmmakers in the region in all aspects, from content creation to production and then distribution. While we officially launch Viddsee Labs today, we are fortunate to have been able to successfully develop some outstanding IP from local storytellers such as ‘The Lying Theory”, “Home is Where the Heart Is” and “Love Shop” into multi-format adaptations across a myriad of different media streaming platforms.”


“At the heart of Viddsee is a platform for the best storytellers to showcase quality content where we see ourselves as a facilitator in engaging storytellers and bringing their work to audiences near and far. It’s a synergistic relationship built on mutual understanding and a shared vision between the storytellers and us. With Viddsee Labs, we are better able to drive new engagement possibilities and monetization opportunities across channels and formats, catering to consumer appetites and their consumption habits. Entertainment partners can look forward to the development of new IPs and get involved in the process through partnership projects.”

Driving IP Development from the Ground Up
At the industry level, the move primes Viddsee into a more active and robust role in promoting locally-made content and IP at international markets, encouraging collaborations with regional production companies, and cultivating relationships with international broadcasters and streamers.

Not only will support for local storytellers be strengthened from the ground-up, where higher resources and insights are invested into early-stage IP concepts; Viddsee Labs will look to drive locally-owned IP upstream, giving this IP exposure to international producers, opening doors for them to secure new partners. Marketing strategies will also be put in place to support content for adaptation or better yet, to be developed into the next major content franchise for global audiences.

Through the years, Viddsee has co-produced with media companies from Singapore and Indonesia. Co-produced films bring together resources from co-producing countries and help local filmmakers participate in projects of international standing and with potential for global distribution.

To date, Viddsee has seen success in developing the IP of some notable short films including the adaptation of Viddsee’s Original short film, “Home Is Where The Heart Is” by Singapore filmmaker Chang Kai Xiang, which was selected to be adapted into a drama series for Singapore’s Mediacorp broadcast and streaming channels. The adaptation of the film will follow the same title in production and is set to premiere in early 2022.

Equally, Viddsee’s Original Short Film, “The Lying Theory”, will be developed into a five-episode drama series together with its original creator Lauren Teo, as a Viddsee Original Drama Series for broadcast on Viddsee’s web and mobile platforms in November 2021.
Further, the award-winning dramatic comedy, “Love Shop”, has been recreated earlier this year into a 23-minute audio drama pilot with the two lead actresses, Sherlyn Ng and Sheila Tan, reprising their roles as Alex and Felicia. “Love Shop” was recognized as an official selection at the Melbourne WebFest 2020 and won Best Romantic Comedy at the 2019 Asia Web Awards.

As of now, Viddsee Labs plans to further develop the commercial aspects of its IP business, namely in IP Development working with filmmakers and storytellers with an existing film on the platform, developed concept and/or script, and is ready for next-stage production or licensing.

“With Viddsee Labs, we are excited to see how we can work closely with a new generation of filmmakers to overcome shared challenges, ride the wave of growth and reach larger audiences both at home and internationally”, Jian added.

Viddsee Storyteller Bootcamp
In December, Viddsee will commence a 3-day Storyteller Boot Camp for aspiring and current filmmakers and content creators. Designed to develop and nurture the next generation of storytellers in today’s creator economy, the bootcamp will give participants a solid grounding in the fundamentals of creating content, including scriptwriting, planning, filming, editing, and post-production.

The Viddsee Storyteller Bootcamp is a regional program filled with informative, fun, and engaging webinars for connecting like-minded creatives, aspiring and mid-career storytellers. The sessions are fully accessible to the public and are specially curated with a range of topics covering success case studies, pitching callouts, and also details on Viddsee Labs, the aforementioned IP-Incubator initiative.

Details on the Viddsee Storyteller Bootcamp will be released at a later date.

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