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Brand & Business: Why grow with Gushcloud: New blood of Gushcloud marketers share insights on growth

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Gushcloud Philippines, a global technology-driven digital talent and media company, with concentration on influencer marketing, entertainment, and commerce, focuses its effort on growth and sets the theme of “Stronger and Smarter Together” for the year 2022. GCPH has been doubling down on scaling the agency business and exploring new bounds by working with bigger accounts and talents both domestically and internationally. Behind these business efforts, GCPH recognizes the constant need to zoom in on building the right culture, empowering great leaders, and honing great talents.

Today, GCPH gives the spotlight to their “Rising Stars”, a group of dynamic individuals who display eagerness to learn, face uncertainties, and take on new challenges. Here, they share their thoughts, learnings, and how they were able to grow with Gushcloud Philippines.



Lara San Buenaventura
Account Executive

As an Account Executive, Lara’s everyday task is to create and maintain client relationships and build bridges with future clients. Being part of Gushcloud pushed her out of her comfort zone and exposed her to various industries – from food and beverage, fashion, to real estate. With the core goal of understanding the different needs and objectives of her clients, this encouraged Lara to widen her perspective, never box herself, and continuously learn.

Why #GrowWithGushcloud: “Growth is what excites and motivates me. It is something I constantly work hard for. I value being part of Gushcloud, because everyday I get to work with people who inspire me to do the best in my job. Each and everyone is good at their own field and it reminds me to work hard and grow in my own field as well.”


Joshrel Sañga
Multimedia Designer

As a Multimedia Artist graduate, Josh now specializes in video editing and motion graphics. Joining the company has allowed him to explore the field of multimedia on a deeper level and has even given him the opportunity to learn production. Aside from honing his technical skills, experiencing Gushcloud’s values of integrity and positivity first hand, shown through constant encouragement, transparency, and feedback by the team made him realize his impact in the company, the importance of his role in the team, and the potential he can unleash.

Why #GrowWithGushcloud: “Growth for me, is when you’re experiencing uncertainty – it can be a rollercoaster of emotions, facing the ups and downs of a challenge, dealing with frustrations and struggles and eventually coming out stronger and wiser. Growth is a never ending process – and I am looking forward to growing here at Gushcloud with the right team.”


Byron Santiago
Senior Multimedia Artist

Initially started out as an intern, Byron is now one of the core members of Gushcloud Philippines. His stay in the company gave him the avenue to be able to work with celebrities like Andi Eigenmann, Gabbi Garcia, Empress Schuck and more. Now ready for a bigger role, Byron recently got promoted as a Senior Multimedia Artist along with the opportunity to become the co-head of production for Gushcloud’s new Live Commerce Initiative.

Why #GrowWithGushcloud: “Gushcloud allowed me to discover that I am capable of so much more. To give you an example, initially, my passion was into production, but due to the pandemic, I had to adjust and shift my focus to editing. There was obviously a lot of ‘on-the-spot learning’ that took place but with great teamwork, open communication, and a solid support system, I was able to get out of my comfort zone and discover what I am capable of. Now more than ever, I am looking forward to the challenge of my new role along with the responsibilities it entails. After all, growth is all about progress.”


Mia Sancio
Marketing and Promotions Manager

Banking on her agency and freelancer experience, Mia joined Gushcloud with the eagerness to do more than just community management. Embracing her role as a Marketing and Promotions Manager allowed her to do just that as she is tasked to handle Gushcloud’s new Live Commerce Initiative. For Mia, every day is a chance to learn the ropes of strategizing from a different perspective. She values how Gushcloud empowers its members to take on exploratory solutions, such as Live Commerce, as well as give them ownership in handling their own brands like MomCenter.

Why #GrowWithGushcloud: “Growth is all about facing different challenges – and that is what we face each day. I am not a fast learner but from each experience, mistake and success, I see to it that I am a bit wiser. Here at Gushcloud, they welcome this kind of learning. I appreciate a team that is patient enough to walk through the experience with me and professional enough to get the job done.”


Raya Sioson
Marketing and Promotions Manager

With a background in creative strategy, Raya specializes in bringing the best of both worlds through creative executions powered by data-driven insights and ideas. Her previous experience shaped her to be highly adaptable, enabling her to create campaigns for multiple brands from diverse industries. As a Marketing and Promotions Manager, this is only a part of her responsibility, Raya welcomes the opportunity to learn developing strategies for talents, building brands and handling corporate communications for Gushcloud Philippines.

Why #GrowWithGushcloud: “Learning on the go is a big part of the practice here in Gushcloud. It may sound daunting but one thing that I appreciate is that my leaders would constantly remind me to ‘fail fast and bounce back’. Growth is all about having the right mindset to turn your mistakes into lessons and knowing the value of the word “yet” – that just because you can’t do things NOW doesn’t mean you CAN’T, it only means NOT YET. My stay here in Gushcloud made me realize that it’s okay to embrace uncertainty, because at worst, you will only emerge stronger than before – and that itself is a testament of growth.”

“As we focus on becoming Stronger and Smarter Together this 2022, we also want to put a spotlight on the growth of our employees. Gushcloud’s Rising Stars shows that building the right culture – centered on positivity and integrity, packaged with the right push and mentoring, can unleash the potential of people. I firmly believe that everyone in the company has the opportunity to grow, they just have to know when to grab the perfect opportunity and make the most of it.” says Jamie Paraso, Country Director of Gushcloud Philippines.

For more information on Gushcloud, visit www.gushcloud.com and follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @gushcloudph. Interested in growing your career with Gushcloud Philippines? Send an email to jean.dulay@gushcloud.com.

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