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Brand & Business: Youth triggers wellness in mind: How Pantarei won dozens of awards in the middle of a global pandemic

JAKARTA, INDONESIA — Crafting and delivering creative solutions to brands that are effective and efficient in the middle of a pandemic is challenging. However, Pantarei managed to do something near-impossible: bringing home 18 award trophies, including the first gold trophy from Citra Pariwara and the first silver award from MMA Smarties, with 100% real works that generate real impact for their brands to grow. Not only that, in the process of presenting holistic, creative solutions for diverse brands, at the same time Pantarei also put extra attention to every team members’ holistic wellness, from physical health to mental health.

From 2020 to the end of 2021, Pantarei received 18 awards for widely diverse client brands, from TMRW digital bank to Lazada e-commerce platform. In 2021 alone, two of Pantarei’s campaigns, Perpetual Fashion Week and the Show of Hearts for the collaboration between Lazada and Jakarta Fashion Week, made it to The Work 2021 List by Campaign Brief Asia in the category of branded content entertainment and mobile category. At the same time, Pantarei also brought home a Silver award from MMA Smarties in the category of brand awareness/experience for their campaign the Show of Hearts.

These awards managed to put Pantarei’s name on the top 4 Indonesia’s Hottest Agencies 2021 list by Campaign Brief Asia. The team that represented Pantarei also made it to the Shortlist of Young Lions Indonesia 2021 Finalists.


At the end of 2021, Pantarei brought home more awards with 8 Citra Pariwara trophies, including 6 bronze trophies, 1 silver trophy, and 1 gold trophy. Pantarei’s campaign for TMRW, The Saving Game: TMRW WIN won a bronze trophy for the category of Best use of Media and Games, a silver trophy for Mobile Applications, and a gold trophy for Brand Utility/Tools. Meanwhile the campaign for Lazada, the Show of Hearts, won 4 bronze trophies for the category of Branded Utility/Tools, Best Use of Special Events Stunt/Live Advertising, Best Use of Digital Media, and Best Use of Branded Content and Sponsorship.

“We firmly believe that good creative solutions come from team members who have plenty of room for creativity in their minds, in order for them to create great work effectively and efficiently. However, the pandemic filled everyone’s heads with anxiety and worry. During times like these, extra effort to maintain everyone’s physical and mental health is crucial, and we are committed to supporting each and every team member,” said CEO Suryani Asikin, explaining her vision.

In the effort of putting the team members at first priority, during the beginning of the pandemic Pantarei enforced shorter and more efficient working hours in order to provide employees extra time to take care of themselves and keep themselves inspired.

During this time, Pantarei also held multiple workshops to maintain the team’s creative headspace amidst countless distractions. Aside from that, Pantarei also started a program called “Pantarei Wellness Series”: a series of workshops and discussions as an effort to find harmony in everyday life. Beyond work-life balance, the program encouraged everyone to find harmony between the two for their physical and mental health. This program aims to bring inspirations of good habits that can be incorporated into everyday life such as breathing exercises, healthy eating habits, to a meditation workshop collaborating with Bali Usada. This program also invited everyone to check on their mental health, in collaboration with Ibunda.id that also provided psychological counseling for anyone who needed it. “We understand that keeping our minds sharp, driven to craft, more creative, and open for inspiration in the middle of a pandemic can be extremely challenging. All of these efforts feel like the right step to take because great ideas can flourish when we have more energy to dedicate,” said Aidil Akbar Latief, the Creative Director of Pantarei.

Pantarei’s initiative to put people first is the paradigm of the younger management team, featuring the young personnel who believe that no one should be deprived of the right to be healthy, whether physically and mentally, whilst working. These efforts that Pantarei took has proven that presenting holistic, creative solutions for brands while at the same time nurturing the team within the company is not impossible. In the end, the journey of Pantarei and everyone in it becomes a reminder that we are all working with human beings who are all trying to maintain their health and wellbeing in the middle of a pandemic – and that it is best for everyone to support each other.

About Pantarei

Pantarei is a creative agency founded in 2004 with the philosophy of radical adaptability. Today, it is one of Indonesia’s hottest agencies according to Campaign Brief Asia, with big clients such as Tri Indonesia, Lazada, TMRW, and MilkLife. Pantarei consistently positions itself as an agency that is “Made of Indonesia” that puts forward insights of the nation and delivers those insights in creative ways.

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