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Breaking the sound barrier with SINDIKATO

Sindikato Management

MANILA – Before the Internet, musicians were experienced live or seen on MTV. These days, if an artist has no online presence, they might as well be invisible. Thankfully, SINDIKATO is no stranger to all these platforms. With years of video production experience that cross over generations, SINDIKATO has trained its eye for great talent. Now, they welcome a growing roster of artists.

SINDIKATO started in 2006 with a group of college buddies who shared a passion for video production. From creating short films and original content, they ventured into music videos for various local artists. Even as they gained traction with brand advertising projects, SINDIKATO continued to work with musicians.


With one foot already in the door, perhaps it was inevitable for SINDIKATO to enter the music industry. Currently, they manage the careers of some popular and emerging artists: CALLALILY, SUD, BEN&BEN, HULYO, FIGHTING RIVER BLINDNESS, UNIT 406, and FERN.


According to SINDIKATO General Manager Edzon Rapisora, they have always loved collaborating with artists. “One of the reasons we decided to delve into talent management is that we didn’t want to be just a video production house that creates music videos for musicians. We aim to do bigger things for the people we work with, even for artists outside the music industry.”


“What’s best about us is that we’re Pro-Artist. We want to give opportunities to our talents and we let them use our platforms; we let them use the skill set of SINDIKATO to help them grow their craft. We believe in their abilities and we want them to spread their talent so that more people can appreciate their music,” shares Enzo Valdez, SINDIKATO’s Chief Executive Officer.


Beyond managing their talents, SINDIKATO aims to be a partner to each of their artists in making an impact and influencing the world through their music. The company’s primary goal is to capture a global audience for their artists.


SINDIKATO reflects the commitment and determination of their artists – and their big dreams require big movers and shakers. With their skills and knowledge, SINDIKATO Management fights to earn a place on the world stage.

Fighting River Blindness

Unit 406


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