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Capture new adventures with underwater photography by Sony

MANILA – Summertime spells the perfect time to explore new places, rekindle or discover passions, and create interesting memories. As we immortalize memories in photographs, it is important to continuously up our game in capturing life’s greatest moments and nature’s wonderful work of art. As beaches and diving spots become safe havens from the Manila heat, underwater photography presents a new method of creatively taking snaps of water and marine life in all its natural glory.

It’s not as daunting as you may think, all you need is a good set of equipment, innate curiosity, and a thirst for adventure. Still not convinced? Let seasoned photographer and Sony ambassador Paco Guerrero walk you through the essentials to kickstart your next underwater photography adventure.

  1. Suit-up: Invest in high-quality gear

Arming yourself with top notch gear is a pre-requisite to power-up your adventures. Paco’s weapon of choice is the Sony RX100V, a small and compact camera with powerful features.

“This camera, packed with a 1 inch sensor and a myriad of features, is the perfect adventure companion. Even if it’s small, it has great lenses and strong video features (4k, 120p, etc)”, describes Paco.

He also emphasized that the RX100 series’ new underwater housing, the MPK-URX100A makes the series the perfect companion for multiple adventures. Boasting a usable depth of 40 meters and easy layout controls, the housing gives more opportunities to take the RX100’s power to next level by capturing high quality underwater images and videos.

“The combination of the RX100 and underwater housing is a perfect investment for any travel photographer looking to explore the limits of travel and adventure photography. It is light, durable, and boasts an incredible image package,” he adds.

  1. Safety first: Get comfortable in the water

You need to identify water as a safe place now that allow you to uncover the hidden gems of nature. To do this, Paco suggests taking scuba courses or even getting lessons from AIDA certified freedivers to master breath control underwater. He emphasizes that one’s skills in water affects the quality of photos taken.

“Whether you are shooting surfers on a wave, free divers in the reef, or diving deep to capture shipwrecks, safety is always the key. So make sure you know where you are going, and take the time to learn about water safety before you go,” he adds.

  1. Getting that perfect shot: Timing is key

Now that you’ve got everything together, you need to know when to take that perfect picture. Paco recommends shooting in the early morning or late afternoon. He emphasizes that during these times, the light will come into the water at an angle and can present more dramatic lighting conditions.

To achieve more realistic, but equally dramatic photographs, he recommends understanding your camera’s color balance. This way, you are able to capture the water’s proper colors. Put these two elements together and you’ll surely take remarkable photos worthy of sharing.

Travelling and shooting in the Philippines mean always being around water. Given this, it’s important to have gear that can make possible shooting subjects on both dry land and underwater.

What are you waiting for? Equip your RX100 with the newest MPK-URX100A and start your journey to underwater photography. The new MPK-URX100A underwater housing will be available on all Sony Centre Stores and authorized dealers on May 26 with an SRP of Php 16,890.00  

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