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Filipinos welcome branded video ads on Twitter, with 6 out of 10 seeing it as part of the enjoyment

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Social media platform Twitter is where Filipinos come to discover, discuss, and share what’s happening. More people are going to Twitter to join conversations on P-Pop music, explore new concepts such as cryptocurrency, interact with and help communities, and be in touch with #WhatsHappening around the world. According to a recent Video Behaviors on Twitter report, video has become an integral part of how Filipinos experience the platform. Between 2019 and 2021, a 53% growth in the number of video viewings among Twitter users in the country. For 61% of Filipinos, Twitter is one of their main sources of video content, and the majority enjoy what brands have to offer through Twitter video ads (74%).

“Twitter is becoming a global powerhouse for video content with more than 11 billion growth in video viewings between Q2 2021 and Q3 2021. Our recent video behavioral research on Twitter found that video watch time has increased by 53% in the Philippines and they reckon the video contents found on Twitter as informative as well as professionally made. Video content is becoming an important part of their experiences on Twitter as Filipinos often consume celebrities-related, current affairs, and lifestyle video content the most,” said Jay Trudgen, the head of brands advertising, Asia Pacific, of Twitter.

Conversations on Twitter drive purchases. 76% of people surveyed said that conversations on Twitter resulted in them purchasing a product. This report unveiled interesting insights into Filipinos’ video viewing behavior and how brands can unlock the potential of video to engage with their target audiences.


Videos on Twitter fast becoming a favorite in the Philippines

Filipinos are leaning into their passions on Twitter like never before and Twitter’s report shows that video content has become a key driver of conversations. While people go to Twitter for what’s happening, they also seek video content that complements their Twitter experience:

  • Video Tweet engagement has risen by 54%.
  • 53% increase in video watch time on Filipino Twitter.
  • 67% of sessions on Filipino Twitter now include video and 61% of Filipinos say Twitter is one of their main sources for video content online.
  • Filipinos discover video content when browsing their timelines (53%), while others are actively looking for video content on Twitter (43%).

Celebrity Stories and Current Affairs are Filipinos’ Favorite on Twitter

Relevancy matters – 90% of Filipinos say that trending and video content related to their personal interests increases their chances to click and watch. Here are the top viewed video categories on Twitter in the Philippines:

  • Celebrity-related (62%)
  • News and current affairs (50%)
  • Lifestyle (43%)
  • Business and finance (42%)
  • Viral and trending content (38%)

Livestream + Twitter = a perfect match

Filipinos on Twitter are looking for more ways to consume video content. In fact, 89% of Filipinos said that they have watched a livestream video on Twitter. Filipinos are highly interested in live streaming content such as current affairs (53%), celebrity Q&As (53%), product launch events (50%), festivals (49%), and red carpet events or award shows (48%).

Twitter has also become the second screen for live events as more than 92% of Filipinos use Twitter while watching streaming content and 90% use Twitter while they watch TV. 82% of Filipinos are also on Twitter during sports events to converse with others who are watching it.

Filipinos are receptive to video ads on Twitter

Twitter’s report reveals that 74% of Filipinos on Twitter enjoy what brands have to offer through video ads. Compared to other platforms, 54% of Filipinos on Twitter prefer to watch video ads on Twitter and 67% feel that video ads are less disruptive to their browsing experience. This creates an opportunity for brands to optimize engagement with their audiences through video ads.

“The popularity of video on Twitter in the Philippines is growing and our insights show that 74% of Filipinos enjoy watching videos on Twitter. Interesting for brands: six in 10 Filipinos see brands as part of the enjoyment of using Twitter, while 54% prefer watching video ads on Twitter than other platforms. This provides a huge opportunity for brands to tap into the power of video on Twitter with creative, original content that resonates with a leaned-in audience, to drive awareness and purchase intent,” added Jay.

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