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Hartz owns ‘the lick’ in playful campaign by Cutwater for wet cat treat Delectables

SAN FRANCISCO, USA — Leading petcare brand Hartz and its creative and media agency of record Cutwater have teamed together to launch a playful campaign for Delectables, the wet cat treats.

The campaign, entitled “Deliciously De-Lick-able Delectables,” focused on two spots reinforcing the Delectables name in a fun direction through alliteration and repetition. “Grocery Store” featured a wife asking her husband to quickly stock up on more Delectables Lickable Treat while their meowing cats enthusiastically lick their bowls clean.



The second film, “Lick Interruption,” centered around a guest observing a pet owner’s cuddly, purring cat pawing for more and more of a Delectables Squeeze Up.


Both narratives concluded with the debut of the all-new hero cat, an orange tabby, as well as a catchy tagline and jingle – “Deliciously De-Lick-able Delectables” – which was composed by musical artist Sean McVerry. The pieces were directed by David Hicks of the production company Spears & Arrows, while editorial was led by Cutters, and VFX was executed by Universal Production Partners (UPP).

“Our approach was to own the lick. It’s an intrinsic element to all wet cat treats, especially Delectables. We found relatable moments that pet parents could understand and where subtle humor could play a role. The talent and collaborative spirit from our human cast and, of course, feline stars helped bring the jokes to life,” explained Cutwater Founder and CCO Chuck McBride. “The Hartz and Cutwater teams loved the idea of inventing a tongue-twisting tagline and an entirely new word, De-Lick-able, to go along with it. We believe this is a sign-off that Delectables can continue to tap into for the future.”

The work signaled the first major campaign following the rebrand of both Hartz and Delectables. The visual identities of each rolled out refreshed logos, color palettes, typography, photography elements, packaging, and more. The project also came on the heels of Cutwater winning the creative and media agency of record title for Hartz.

Hartz CMO Tina LeLay said, “With this work, the Hartz and Cutwater teams sought out to not only launch a new campaign for our brand, Delectables but also introduce a whole new product form. Since wet cat treats are relatively new versus the old standard dry treats, many cat parents are still unaware that there’s a better way to show delight and affection to their finicky cats. These spots make it clear wet treats are the superior treating form, and only Delectables are delicious enough for cats to lick the bowl clean every time.”

The media strategy boasts a robust media buy across nationwide TV, digital, social, display, and search channels. The partnerships include the likes of Amazon, Walmart, TikTok, BuzzFeed, YouTube, and Hulu, to name a few. The paid support will be complemented by influencer collaborations highlighting pet parents and families bonding with their cats via Delectables Lickable Treat and Squeeze Up items.

According to Cutwater Senior Media Supervisor Caitlin Delaney, “Our studies found that Gen Z and Millennials currently represent the largest cat-owning households at around 30%, but they only factor into 10% of wet cat treat sales, which is less than any other generation. Considering the competitive landscape is primarily populated with traditional TV and print platforms targeted toward Gen X and Baby Boomers, digital provides a unique opportunity for awareness and conversion among the younger demographic sets. We secured really thoughtful homes for the creative, aligning with related content and using powerful data to target the right users. I look forward to the custom influencer content that’s coming down the pike as well as continuing to capitalize on the new and ever-changing digital media landscape.”

Hartz Director of Marketing Dai Kageyama added, “We’re all excited to finally push out this new campaign, and I can’t wait to see more cat families get to know Delectables. During the planning stages, ecommerce partners were key to building and establishing a full-funnel presence while video tactics were leaned into for driving awareness. Our wet cat treats have the power and magic to deepen the owner-cat relationship, transforming treating time into a moment of love, joy, and affection.”

Delectables products are available for purchase in-store and online at retailers throughout the U.S.

Client: Hartz
Chief Marketing Officer: Tina LeLay
Director of Marketing: Dai Kageyama
Director of Marketing: Stacy Kisla
Senior Manager, Ecommerce Marketing: Kimberly Moran
Marketing Trainee: Ryohei Kubo

Agency: Cutwater
Founder & Chief Creative Officer: Chuck McBride
Principal & President: Christian Hughes

Group Creative Director: Adam Vohlidka
Creative Director: Scott Padden
Art Director: Alexandra Ebright
Copywriter: Taylor Smith
Designer: Hichem Kherbachi

Strategist: Jake Baldridge
Director of Creative Strategy & Head of Social: Viktor Torbjörnsen
Social Media Marketing Manager: Ashley Feminella

Head of Production: Brian Cooper

Head of Media & Communications: Lizzy Ryan
Senior Media Supervisor: Caitlin Delaney
Media Planner: Allie Gorton

Group Account Director: Courtney Griffin
Account Director: Brett Harris
Account Executive: Marc Cruz

Project Manager: Ana Elejalde

Production: Spears & Arrows
Director: David Hicks
Managing Director: Jason Wolk
Head of Production: Justin Cormier
CFO: James Stern
Senior Producer: Craig Houchin
Producer: Rocky Bice

Editorial: Cutters Chicago
Executive Producer: Heather Richardson
Producer: Marek Luczak

VFX: Universal Production Partners (UPP)
Producer: Václav Machuta
Production Manager: Terezam Trnkova

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