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Four influencers pose for nude art to embrace creativity and expression with Lenovo Yoga

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — There’s more nudity on the internet than ever before. At the same time, life online couldn’t be further away from reality. Rehearsed poses, retouching and filters enable us to show off our most flattering, although not completely natural side. That’s why four Nordic influencers – Beatrice Reiman, Julia Sofia Aastrup, Martine Halvorsen, and Benjamin Peltonen – were challenged to model during a croquis drawing session, completely without filters. The aim is, based on the already established message #JustBeYou by Lenovo Yoga, to highlight internet culture with its nudity, retouching, and filters.

”I’m so used to choosing the best picture or adding some filters when I post something online. I basically edit everything I do to make it seem perfect. But here I’ve got nothing to hide behind, so instead, I have to be my authentic, nude self. And that feels a bit scary and unusual, but also really exciting,” said Beatrice Reiman, a Swedish YouTuber and influencer.

Yoga is Lenovo’s line of thin and flexible laptops, designed for creative work. The laptops can bend completely flat and is touchscreen, which makes it a perfect digital canvas. Artists were equipped with a Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro X to draw the influencers during croquis sessions and then create their artistic interpretations in unique portraits. As a nod to the culture of nudity online, and a way to drive engagement, dedicated followers can compete for the “exclusive” nudes on social media channels.


”The idea comes from two different types of subcultures – the nudity online with zoomed-in pixels and ruthless comment sections, and the nudity in the art world, where your gaze is meant to appreciate shapes and expressions. Because the Yoga is made for creativity, it became a perfect bridge between the two, where classical art studies could meet the internet phenomenon that is influencers,” said BBDO Nordics Copywriter Alice Westgårdh, the partner agency for the campaign. 

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