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Hollywood stars Liza Soberano and Dolly De Leon get banked with Maya

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Digital bank Maya has set the stage for a groundbreaking reveal of its collaboration with two world-class actors, Dolly De Leon and Liza Soberano. As it continues to make waves, Maya showcases the power of challenging conventional banking norms through a short film featuring the two Hollywood stars.  

Building on the success of last year’s collaboration with Liza, Maya continues to push boundaries by introducing Dolly, a celebrated Filipina actor who has captivated audiences both locally and globally. Together, Maya brought to life two stars who embody the spirit of defiance and optimism, inspiring Filipinos to break free from limitations and embrace new possibilities in an increasingly digital world. 

Liza fulfills her dream in Hollywood

Since starting a creative partnership in 2023, Maya has supported Liza’s brave and bold life moves. Liza recently starred in her first Hollywood film, Lisa Frankenstein, alongside young Hollywood stars Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse, receiving rave reviews from the biggest critics. As she shines in the global scene, Maya is powering her with a sexy black Maya card that enables her to make seamless payment transactions whenever she is in California or other global travel destinations.


Liza shared, “The past year has been quite a journey, and I’d like to thank Maya especially for believing in me and my dreams. I personally love using my Maya card to pay, whether I’m traveling for work or leisure. It’s just hassle-free and accepted anywhere!”

Dolly gets her way with Maya

As the newest endorser of Maya, Dolly adds more depth and undeniable charm. Known for her notable, award-winning performances, Dolly has become an influential figure in both the local and international film community. Her expanding horizons also means a busy schedule that sees her jetting off to film locations. Dolly takes full control over these changes by getting banked with Maya.

“I use Maya because I hate going to a bank branch, especially with my busy schedule, to fill out forms for a simple transaction when I can do all of that on my phone. And just like Liza, I use my Maya card to pay for everything, especially when I’m traveling to various places for work. It really does let me do things with my money, my bank, my way,” Dolly said.

Liza and Dolly in their most challenging roles

Maya’s short film features Liza and Dolly’s acting chops alongside fun and unique references to iconic Hollywood films and pop culture. From Assassin Liza to Kaiju Dolly, every scene in the film brings fun and excitement as it shows why Maya is as easy as a wallet and as safe as a bank.

Pepe Torres, Maya’s Chief Marketing Officer, said, “We’re thrilled to have both Liza and Dolly pushing boundaries of payments and banking with Maya, as you’ve seen in the newly launched short film. They make the country proud as they achieve greater heights on the global scene. They embody the spirit of defiance and optimism, making them the perfect ambassadors for Maya.”

Maya continues to redefine everyday payments and banking as we know it. With Maya, getting banked and opening a savings account is now easier and more accessible than ever, requiring just one valid ID and no minimum balance or maintaining balance. Its best-in-class savings account offers up to 14% daily interest per annum, helping Filipinos get closer to their financial goals.

The Maya card is globally accepted at over 80 million stores and ATMs worldwide, offering unparalleled convenience for users. Filipinos can start investing in mutual funds, crypto, or stocks through Maya, unlocking opportunities to grow their wealth. Qualified customers can also enjoy instant approval for Maya loan products, providing financial flexibility when it’s needed most.

In addition to its world-class security features, Maya is fully regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), ensuring the safety and security of our customers’ deposits. Deposits are also insured up to PHP500,000 per depositor by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC), providing added peace of mind.

With Maya, defying traditional banks means more than just revolutionizing the industry—empowering Filipinos to take control of their financial futures. Get banked with Maya along with 3 million customers.

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