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Indulge in the delicious shawarma creations from Kenny Rogers Roasters

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — If there’s a dish that perfectly captures the satisfaction of eating a savory yet nutritious food with a well-balanced combination of meat, vegetables, flavorful herbs, and spices, it’s definitely the Shawarma. The great news is, this all-time favorite dish is now made healthier and more delicious with Kenny Rogers Roasters’ new flavors in roasted chicken, rice bowl, and burger. 

Available in all Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurants starting July 17, customers can enjoy the Shawarma selections in various ways. 

The Shawarma Roasted Chicken, which consists of Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Signature Roasted Chicken marinated in a mix of rich umami spices, makes the perfect warm and earthy middle eastern flavored roast, made more delectable with the signature Kenny Rogers Roasters’ yogurt sauce. 


It can be enjoyed individually with the Shawarma Roast Solo B (PHP305) plate which comes with a quarter roast chicken, a choice of two side dishes, shawarma rice, yogurt sauce, and muffin. Customers can also opt to share it as a group with the Shawarma Roast Group Meal (PHP1,095) comes with a whole roast, four side dishes, four cups of shawarma rice, four muffins, and 1.5L soda.  

Customers can also try it as a Shawarma Rice Bowl (PHP245) made with beef shawarma and Mediterranean salad served over shawarma rice, or even as a burger with the Shawarma Burger (PHP240) made of 1/3 pound beef burger patty seasoned with special spices served with cheddar cheese, yogurt sauce, and fresh veggies in between two wheat buns.

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