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International Sunny Soyafit Oil gives every household the promise of delicious food and healthy hearts

MUMBAI, INDIA — Creative agency The Womb has created and conceptualized the latest campaign for International Sunny Soyafit Oil. Soyabean oil is the largest among the edible oil segments in Maharashtra and is promising strong growth potential.

The category is well oiled with a mix of regional and national players that appropriate the platform of “good health” in several different ways. What was observed was that while these brands promised multiple benefits, nobody owned a singular health benefit. Soyabean oil contains Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids in appropriate proportions. These are essential fatty acids that help to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels and keep your heart healthy, which is a prevalent concern even among young adults today.


This is the rationale behind International Sunny Soyafit Oil’s messaging, to singularly own “heart health” as its core benefit proposition through this new campaign. This not only captures a real consumer worry, but also seamlessly fits under the larger Sunny brand thought of “Life aapki recipe aapki,” which has been re-crafted to fit the narrative of this campaign “Dil Unka. Recipe Aapki”.

Milind Pingle, CEO of Allana Consumer Products, said, “Being a challenger brand in a highly undifferentiated commoditized category, Sunny Soyafit oil needed a narrative that could strike the right chord with today’s progressive women. Our new campaign ‘Dil Unka, Recipe Aapki’ brings in a fresh perspective in the soyabean oil category enabling every homemaker to take care of their loved one’s heart with every meal. We have tried to capture one of the most important health needs of every household today through a playful banter between a husband and wife in a gripping story.”

Suyash Khyabya, Creative Head at The Womb, stated, “When you talk of heart, Dil se idea aana chahiye. And that’s what happened in this campaign. It’s a playful nok-jhok moment between the husband and wife, where it’s all about the dil – Dil ka mamla hai. We purposely went a little filmi, but the talented Sonali Bendre made sure that her addas and expressions didn’t go overboard. We are confident of igniting some conversations about the heart with this campaign.”

Dhaval Jadwani, Joint-Account Management Head at The Womb, added, “Soyabean oil is the largest segment in the edible oil category in Maharashtra. As a brand, Sunny has been synonymous with building overall health and immunity since its inception. But the core task for this particular product was to drive heart health in line with what the brand endeavors and in a way that viewers can feel and relate to. We have built on our proposition ‘Dil Unka. Recipe Aapki’ that connects well with drive that we want to create, and which is relatable and extendable to all. This campaign succeeds in creating a distinct brand imagery for Sunny Soyafit oil, which further differentiates the brand from competition.”

Directed by Afshan Sheikh of Good Morning Films, the film is now live across Television, Digital and Sunny’s social media channels.


Client: Allana Consumer Products
Client credits: Milind Pingle, Sayantan Bose, Manish Rohra, Shriram Kelkar and Patricia Dsouza
Agency: The Womb
Founding partners: Kawal Shoor and Navin Talreja
Creative team: Suyash Khabya, Paritosh Lonkar and Ankita Sawant
Planning team: Manisha Sain, Mitali Kamath and Ramanathan Venkataramani
Account management: Dhaval Jadwani, Rajat Pandey and Saheef Giriyal
Production house: Good Morning
Films Director: Afshan Shaikh

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