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La América gets Argentina’s biggest beer brand Quilmes to let customers pay what they want

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — The Argentine agency La América presents its new work for ABI and its local beer Quilmes.

Winning the FIFA World Cup is a historic event and so is this Quilmes campaign, because it marks the first time in history that a brand gives people the chance to choose how much they want to pay for their product, in this case, Argentina’s most popular beer.

This idea was born in response to ABI Argentina’s brief to come up with a commercial action to give people access to the country’s most important beer in the midst of a very delicate economic situation.


This idea arises as a joy for all Argentines at the end of the year, in addition to the joy of the one-year anniversary of the World Cup final.

That is why, to bring this to life, we called up a World Cup Champion, the author of some of the most important goals from our national team, none other than Ángel “Fideo” Di María. Who better than him to bring happiness to people, and what better than to use a phrase that a year ago became part of popular culture?

Since we won the World Cup we believe that we have the right to do whatever we want. In Argentina, we now say: A World Cup Champion, celebrates however they want. A World Cup Champion dresses however they want. A World Cup Champion dances however they want. And in this case, a World Cup Champion pays for their Quilmes beer whatever they want.

This campaign comes directly from the land of the World Cup Champions designed by La América and directed by Augusto Giménez Zapiola and Inesa Villanueva from Argentina Cine.

Campaign Credits

Company: Cervecería & Maltería Quilmes
Commercial: Precio de Campeones
Agency: La América
La América team:
Rafael D’Alvia, Alejandro Domínguez, Keke Roberts, Sebastián Stagno, Christian Camean, Nadia Greco, Julieta Neumarkt, Luján Rivera Montero, Gustavo Chiocconi, Lucas Sotelo, Joaquín Calvo , Natalia Chianetta, Nicolás Koniszczer, Julieta Sarkirian, Carolina Wainstein, Estibaliz Abecia, Luciano Groba, Sofía Wainstein, Damián Blinder, Nicolás Elizari, Rafael Cortés.

Production Company: argentinacine
Directors: Augusto Gimenez Zapiola & Inesa
General Productor: Nano Tidone
Executive Productors: Laura Fassi, Diego Gonzalez
Productor: Germán Escande
Production Coordinator: Felipe Medina
DF: Javier Julia
Editor: Santiago Saponi
Postproduction Coordinator: Aldo Ferrari, Miranda Schwartz
Postproduction: Ratio VFX
Colour: Ale Lescano
Sound: Big Sound Estudio
Music: Bigotes Musica
Locution: Mariano Chiesa
Client: Eugenio “Cucú” Raffo, Alfredo “Pepe” Sayus, Daniela Fux, María Victoria Ramadori, Florencia Monge, Tomás Jesús Fernández, Martín Cascardo.

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