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Local Mental Health non-profit strongly recommends opening the conversation on Mental Health in the workplace to achieve better productivity

World Mental Health Day recognized across many countries, including the Philippines, on an annual basis to raise awareness of the growing concern over Mental Health issues that continue to rise amidst changing times. In the Philippines, the entire Mental Health Workforce is only composed of 2 people per 100,000 people in the Philippines. The latest report from Department of Health stated that 1 in 5 Filipinos suffer from a form of mental illness. More than 300 million employees according to the study by World Health Organization (WHO) suffer from it.
According to WHO, the workplace is one of the key environments that affect our well-being and health. Globally, only 9% of mental health promotion and prevention programs are focused in the Workplace.

“We spend at least 9 hours a day at our workplaces. If it’s not a healthy environment for your mind, body, and soul, your output and morale will definitely suffer,” states Philippa Keys, ex-officio of InTouch Philippines. This non-stock, non-profit organization has been providing Mental Health Services in the Philippines since the 80’s.

“A recent study conducted by the World Health Organization revealed that the global economy loses up to 1 trillion US dollars annually due to lost productivity caused by Mental Health Issues such as depression and anxiety,” Keys shares. “There’s still a stigma that prevents people from talking about their Mental Health issues. The ever-increasing demand to deliver more in the workplace in shorter timeframes is still prevalent across different industries. And it’s time for companies to play their part by providing an environment that opens the conversation on Mental Health.”


InTouch Philippines has extended help to hundreds of struggling employees along the way through its Employee Well-being Program of EWP.

Among those who have availed of EWP from InTouch Philippines is Havas Ortega. As an organization that belongs to the highly competitive and evolving marketing and communications industry, achieving work-life balance is a difficult task to contend with. Havas Ortega partnered with InTouch Philippines to help its employee address the day-to-day challenges that affect employees’ Mental Health as they do agency work. Through its partnership with In Touch , the organization was able to create its TALK program  which provides every employee a dedicated 24/7 Employee Hotline as well as subsidized private counseling sessions. Adding to these benefits, resource speakers from In Touch Philippines’ pool of professional experts has enabled Havas Ortega to conduct monthly In-house Skill Builder Sessions to educate and empower the workforce on a range of topics such as “Mental Health Awareness and First Aid”, “Stress Management” and “Finding Grit”.

Jos Ortega, CEO of Havas Ortega enthusiastically shares why upper management has given its full support behind this initiative, “Employees are the most important asset in the company. Here at Havas Ortega, we want to make sure that we look after their health with a holistic approach – and that includes putting a premium on mental well-being. At the end of the day, we want to keep them inspired and motivated. We want ensure them that that there is a solid support system to help and them keep going.” The first of its kind in the local advertising industry, Havas Ortega’s internal mental health program became possible based on its cohesive partnership with In Touch Philippines.

“To me, happy people, balanced lifestyle. That’s the ultimate objective of this one. Spreading the word are all to me additional benefits but my primary focus are the staff of Havas Ortega to have a balanced life and if and then when there’s a situation, extraordinary stress and anxiety that is hindering them from functioning a hundred percent, they have an outlet that they can reach out to,” Jos Ortega added.

For more information on In Touch Philippines’ Employee Well-being program, you can call 893 1893 or email In Touch Philippines also hosts a 24/7 crisis line, offers face to face counselling, and leads training sessions to build skills for healthier mental and emotional well-being for individuals and their loved ones.

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