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Merlee Jayme, Kentaro Kimura, Cheuk Chiang, named Jury Presidents for APAC Tambuli Awards 2017

MANILA – The Asia Pacific Tambuli Awards named three jury presidents for 2017: Merlee Jayme, Chairmom, DentsuJaymeSyfu, for Humanity and Culture categories, Kentaro Kimura, Co-CEO & Executive Creative Director, Hakuhodo Kettle, for Creative categories, and Cheuk Chiang, APAC CEO, Omnicom Media Group, for Media categories.

“We live in a world where the strongest, most salient and most compelling brands are those with a strong sense of purpose. We also live in a world where today’s consumers are seeking fulfilment of higher order needs like self actualisation. This is why the Asia Pacific Tambuli awards is so relevant because it recognises and rewards creative with a conscience. Great work that truly makes a difference to society. Great work that epitomises the heart and soul of what we do. Great work for good,” says Cheuk Chiang, APAC CEO, Omnicom Media Group.

Kentaro Kimura believes that “passion is the source of creativity and award shows always give us new passion. Passion for finding more powerful ideas, for realizing more elegant solutions, and for building a better life and society. He adds, “the larger number and the more variety of emotions we experience, the richer our lives will be. What we should create from now on is a HEARTWARE which is a combination of software with hardware that gives people a new emotion.”  


The pioneer in award shows globally to celebrate effective advertising for good,  the APAC Tambuli Awards honors brands that do good and do well – showing the seamless integration of creativity + human good + results. Case study entries must demonstrate how brands uplift society, create positive change, and correlate purpose with purchase.

The APAC Tambuli Awards is not an award on charity, advocacy, pro bono, or CSR advertising, even if those campaigns are welcome and encouraged to enter. The award, however, focuses on mainstream brand campaigns that celebrate humanity, inspire purpose, and deliver results.

Commenting on her appointment as jury president, Merlee Jayme says “We live in a crazy world today. There’s a lot of hate around us. As responsible influencers in our industry, it is our duty to help inspire love for humanity with our ideas. That’s why I’m happy that Tambuli Awards push this with their purpose of celebrating goodness in our brands. Our everyday communications should create powerful, meaningful stories that inspire diversity, equality and peace. After all, we’re not here just to solve brand problems. We’re here to change the world.”

Deadline for submission of entries is on March 30, 2017. The complete list of categories and entry form are available at www.tambuliawards.asia. For inquiries, email bernadette.zulueta@uap.asia

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