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MyKuya launches to create 1 million job opportunities in the Philippines

MANILA – MyKuya, a mobile-based application & technology platform, founded by Machine Ventures, a Manila-Based company builder, is launching to connect consumers and enterprises to service personnel on-demand.

Realizing the time-consuming challenges of getting tasks done in Metro Manila, high underemployment and unemployment rates, inconsistencies in labor quality and the lack of convenient access to service personnel and professionals led to the formation of MyKuya which prides itself as being #YourHelpingHandOnDemand.


Through a mobile application available on iOS and Android and powered by a proprietary matching algorithm and technology, MyKuya instantly matches consumers and businesses in need of help to the right service personnel to fulfill the task.

“This is the beginning of a journey for us to create equal opportunities and provide job opportunities to anyone who wants one. Our goal is to create 1 million job opportunities by 2022 in the Philippines. ” says Shahab Shabibi, Co-Founder & CEO of Machine Ventures, the company behind MyKuya.

“We acknowledge automation and artificial intelligence threatening nearly 1.5 million jobs in the BPO sector. On the other hand, we looked at many OFWs who wish to come back but are not confident about having jobs here at home.” He pointed out and emphasized, “We believe that all of us, together with technology can create countless opportunities to support the domestic economy. We can sustain the economic growth that we are experiencing and make it even more inclusive than before. Philippines is home to some of the greatest human capital in the world and we have the chance to uplift and upskill an entire nation.”

Consumers can simply download the MyKuya application and instantly connect with nearby helping hands who can then carry out their requests. The service price starts at 49 for every 30-minute interval. Catherine Castillo, MyKuya’s Head of Business Development mentioned, “We have busy mothers who avail of our services to get additional help with tasks such as cleaning, shopping or even purchasing food. The length of tasks vary anywhere from 30-minutes to sometimes even 8 hours. We have employees that count on MyKuya to outsource a lot of tasks happening at their offices. ”

MyKuya Enterprise Solutions also help SMEs, start-ups and large corporations to utilize the capacity of MyKuya’s platform and tap into additional human capital as needed, enabling flexibility, scalability and ease of use for businesses.

Ferdinand Inlao, a pioneer MyKuya Partner said “Even though I took many of TESDA’s training programs, I had a hard time finding a job until I saw MyKuya’s presence in my barangay neighboring Bonifacio Global City. Now I am able to work whenever I want just near my house and it is an amazing feeling to be able to help people and earn a living while doing so.”

“We believe in a future where people and technology come together to solve our most pressing problems. The Ates & Kuyas of MyKuya, whom we refer to as MyKuya Partners are the core of this technology platform and enabling them to make a living with dignity and enjoy the fruits of their labor while being self-employed is our advocacy.” said Shahab Shabibi.

MyKuya is founded by Machine Ventures, a Manila-based company builder established by Shahab Shabibi and Farouk Meralli and is backed by local investors who believe in inclusive and sustainable nation-building through technology and collaboration.

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