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Nadine Lustre stays with the Sony Philippines family

Sony Philippines renews partnership with Digital Imaging and Personal Audio ambassador Nadine Lustre

MANILA – Nadine Lustre will continue to shoot breathtaking photographs and listen to her favorite music using her favorite Sony products as she renews her ties with Sony Philippines. At an event at Seda Vertis North in Quezon City, the 23-year old multimedia artist couldn’t hide her excitement as she continues on as Sony’s Brand Endorser for Digital Imaging and Personal Audio lines.

“It brings me great pride to be part of the Sony family again,” Nadine shares. “It excites me to be able to do the things I love—take photographs, listen to music, and dance to my favorite songs—using some of the best and most exciting products in the market right now,” adds Nadine. 


Sony shares Nadine’s excitement. “Nadine’s dynamic personality and innate love for music and photography strongly resonates our target market here in the Philippines. Having someone like Nadine as our endorser has helped us connect with a new breed of customers and generate significant growth for our Personal Audio and Digital Imaging categories. We are ecstatic to have her in the Sony family once again.” says Sony Philippines Managing Director, Nobuyoshi Otake.

Snapping priceless moments with Sony ILCE-5100L

It’s no surprise to Nadine’s growing four million followers on Instagram that she has a true photographer’s eye. Her Instagram is a collection of perfectly captured snapshots from priceless trips, iconic OOTDs, and flawless selfies with her loved ones. All of these photos she captured using the Sony ILCE-5100 are carefully curated to ensure perfect color combination, accurate framing, and consistent look and feel. 

“The Sony ILCE-5100 has everything that I’m looking for in a digital camera. It is user-friendly, which allows me to take beautiful photos that I can easily share with my followers,” says Nadine. 

With its large sensors and a great selection of interchangeable lenses in a handy frame, the Sony ILCE-5100 makes for the perfect travel accessory for Nadine. Equipped with Fast Hybrid Autofocus (AF) system, taking absolutely striking photos is easy. It also has an intuitive touch screen panel and is Wi-Fi ready allowing users like Nadine to easily snap, tap, and share photos on social media instantly.

Before, ILCE-5100 was only available in one colorway: black. This year, Sony brings the white colorway to the Philippines for those who opt for a classic and crisp look for their gadgets.

Feel every beat with Sony Extra Bass™

Sony’s Extra Bass™ 2017 line-up gives Nadine that heart-pounding listening experience wherever she goes. The MDR-XB950N1 (Php 12,999) and MDR-XB550AP (Php 2,999) models are headphones that deliver a deep and punchy bass sound to feel every beat. With wireless headphones like XB950N1, Nadine is free to move, run, or dance around without cables to mind. 



The Extra Bass™ line up also includes portable Bluetooth speakers that come very handy for Nadine who enjoys throwing parties with her friends. Sony’s SRS-XB10 (Php 2,999) plays music for up to 16 hours while the SRS-XB30 (Php 6,999) lets Nadine enjoy up to 24 hours of pure bass. 


Whether she’s throwing a low-key get-together at home or enjoying the beach from sun-up to sundown, the compact size and water-resistant feature of Extra Bass™ makes it easy for Nadine to share the bass with the barkada anytime, anywhere—even when it rains!

With Nadine’s relationship with the brand a natural fit with her interests, and her influence towards the target market, Sony is looking forward to the further growth of their partnership with the actress. 

“Having her represent our products has greatly helped in improving our performance in the market and we wish for more people to have the Sony experience the way Nadine has. With her strong affinity towards the younger market, we believe in Nadine’s capability to inspire them to discover their own passion for music and photography,” adds Otake. 

Sony Centres nationwide carry the Sony ILCE-5100 priced at Php 34,999 in black and its soon to be available colorway in white. Also available in Sony Centres nationwide is Sony’s 2017 Extra Bass™ line-up which includes the MDR-XB950N1 (Php 12,999) and MDR-XB550AP (Php 2,999) headphones, and SRS-XB30 (Php 6,999) and SRS-XB10 (Php 2,999) portable Bluetooth speakers.

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