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New Business: 2022 is bright and big for Dentsu One Manila

MANILA, PHILIPPINES— Dentsu One Manila starts the new year with major announcements as they nail big wins both in business and in creative award shows.

Driven mainly by talented, passionate and fun-loving people, D1M has won several awards and new business in 2021. After strong showings in local and international creative awards driven mainly by the Ginebra Frontliner Labels campaign, the agency also garnered effectiveness awards for Ginebra’s thematic campaigns, Nissin Ramen ASMR, and CDO Idol Cheesedog.

But this success with current clients didn’t stop the agency as they continued winning new business. D1M won the pitch for Unilab’s flagship brands – Conzace and Solmux, the latter in a multi-agency shootout.


Another big brand trusting D1M is Chowking as they assigned the launch of their biggest Premium Milk Tea brand – Milksha.

The agency’s streak continued with incumbent brands as they also won new assignments from Honda Cars and Honda Bikes.

Merlee Jayme, Dentsu’s Chairmom for Creative businesses in the Philippines says, “The agency was just on a roll. Everyone was passionate about what they were doing despite the workload. Like I said before, nothing will stop us from doing our best for our clients. All you need are big insights, strategic and innovative work, digital knowledge, and the drive – that’s what the young Dentsu One Manila is known for.

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