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New Business: Bluebird Group is collaborating with Pantarei to support the iconic brand in staying relevant for Indonesia’s younger generations.

JAKARTA, INDONESIA — Despite being the legend of Indonesia’s transportation company, Bluebird is on a mission to increase its relevance and steal the hearts of Indonesia’s younger generation in this digital era. To accomplish the mission, Bluebird appoints local agency Pantarei, which has been outfitted with experience in bringing efficient, creative solutions both for heritage brands such as Bintang Beer as well as to more modern brands such as Tri Indonesia, Lazada, and TMRW to steal the hearts of the Indonesian society through their Made of Indonesia philosophy.

“Made of Indonesia” itself is the philosophy that Pantarei holds in bringing creative solutions and crafting communications for brands using hyper-local insights and ideas that came from thorough observation and understanding of Indonesia’s society and pop culture. This philosophy has led Pantarei from 2020 to 2021, to bring home 18 awards from national and international events, including 1 gold trophy from Citra Pariwara and 1 silver award from MMA Smarties.

As one of Indonesia’s pioneering transportation companies that had been established in 1972, Bluebird Group has always been the dependable brand for previous generations. Bluebird Group is known for always putting comfort first and foremost for every need, from daily mobility through regular Bluebird taxi and Silverbird Executive taxi, Goldenbird rented vehicle, Bigbird and CitiTrans inter-city transportation, as well as the newest instant delivery service Bluebird Kirim. With the mission to rejuvenate its brand on its 50th anniversary, Bluebird seeks a partner well-experienced in bringing creative solutions based on observation and deep understanding of Indonesia’s young generation. Bluebird then appointed Pantarei as their partner for the mission.


“We are deeply privileged to be a part of this collaboration. It’s such a special opportunity for us to be a part of the journey of a legendary brand that many Indonesians for generations have depended on. We simply cannot wait to reintroduce Indonesia’s pioneering transportation company through new and fresh ways, while still maintaining the essence of Bluebird as a heritage brand,” Suryani Asikin, the CEO of Pantarei, said.

“We find that Indonesian younger generations are in dire need of comfort that lies beyond physical aspects, but also reaching their emotional aspect. Amidst the hustles and demanding daily routines, we need a place to pause for a while before the next meeting, prepare ourselves mentally for what awaits at the destination, or maybe just a place to gossip on our phone comfortably. We understand that this is the kind of comfort that Bluebird has provided for half a century – with trained, street smart drivers, and various dependable features of the Bluebird Group that everyone can depend on beyond the online and offline taxi. There are countless interesting insights from the Indonesian younger generations that we can explore, and this will be a very exciting project,” added Aidil Akbar Latief, the Creative Director of Pantarei.

Together, Bluebird and Pantarei will keep supporting Indonesians to go beyond limitations and distance with comfort through various programs. “Bluebird Group has high expectations towards this collaboration. We have to make sure that after half a century being the dependable transportation for Indonesians, Bluebird can keep having a special place in the hearts of Indonesian people for the next 50 years. Every year we make updates and improvements to bring the best version of Bluebird, and we are excited to reintroduce Bluebird that has been through 50 years of development to make every kilometer count to fellow Indonesians and the big family of Bluebird Group,” mentioned Mediko Azwar as the Chief Marketing Officer of Bluebird Group, expressing his hopes.

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