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New creative and media agency Cadian Studios debuts with strong drive to push storytelling boundaries

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Cadian Studios is currently making a lot of progress as a creative and media agency with huge potential. Having worked with well-known record labels in the Philippines (Viva Records, Warner Music, and O/C Records) and Web3 brands in Singapore (Imaginary Ones and Imaginary Junior) for its debut offering, the production and content creation company is committed to pushing the boundaries of storytelling through innovative technology and creative solutions.

Ron Pangyarihan, the 27-year-old founder and CEO of Cadian Studios, attests to the startup’s hard work and determination to make a dent in the Philippine creative industry. In its debut year, the agency’s work has brought in millions of online media impressions so far — thanks to their talented pool of creative strategists, producers, art directors, and sound engineers.

“What makes us different from other creative and media agencies is our culture,” said the aspiring entrepreneur, writer, and music producer. “It is the most important part of our business. Because we have a culture of creativity and working together, we can turn stories into amazing experiences. We work hard to make sure that the ideas of our clients are turned into world-class productions that communicate and inspire.”


Ron is not only in charge of the company’s development and creative work, but he is also very interested in making things that help people. He writes and makes music for his solo project, “Color The Era,” which was released under Viva Records.

Even though Cadian Studios has had its fair share of problems since it started, the production agency is lucky to be in a place where people can be the best versions of themselves.

“Building a good culture from the ground up was one of the hardest things we had to do in our first few months,” Ron opened up. “Culture has the most effect on how long a company stays in business. At Cadian Studios, we don’t see people as resources. Instead, we see them as people. Everything we do is art, so I know that every piece of content we make comes from the heart. I think that if we have a culture of creativity and working together, we will go a long way.”

Cadian Studios wants to be at the forefront of creatives and media in a few years. Its passionate team wants to build a reputable legacy that can meet the needs of the industry even though trends are always changing. Ron concluded, “We want to work with the greatest storytellers and push the boundaries of storytelling by producing high-quality and remarkable content that impacts people.”

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