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Novice releases digital issue to honor iconic Filipino jeepney

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — In the bustling streets of the Philippines, there exists a true ride-or-die companion for every Filipino: the jeepney. Accompanying us on every adventure, a true king of the road, the jeepney has an unwavering commitment to sticking by our side rain or shine.

The jeepney is an unrivaled icon and a cultural symbol of the Philippines. It embodies the vibrant spirit and rich heritage of the Filipino people. With its unique design, vibrant colors, and intricate decorations, the Jeepney is a rolling work of art that captivates the imagination and leaves an indelible mark on the cultural landscape.

As the phase-out of the Filipino jeepney is now in full throttle, Novice Magazine fearlessly dives into the cultural significance of the Philippines’ king of the road with an awe-inspiring double cover edition for its 12th special issue release titled “Patók.”


The jeep that carries our stories

With a generous 180 pages, this digital issue is a heartfelt tribute to the jeepney’s profound impact, particularly highlighting the ingenuity, resilience, and creativity of the Filipino community, putting in the limelight their ability to transform ordinary objects into extraordinary expressions of identity.

Through these powerful narratives, remarkable artwork, and enlightening explorations, Patók features works by talented individuals such as Kapitan Tambay, Jerome Vitug, Renz Baluyot, and Cultoftheself. Along with the compelling literary pieces like “Sampung Utos ng Komyuter sa Jeep,” “Extinction,” and “Anatomy of the Jeepney,” each celebrates the resilience of this cultural icon.

Patók stands as a testament to the enduring spirit and cultural significance of the Philippine jeepney. It celebrates the unique identity of the Filipino community, paying homage to the extraordinary legacy that this vehicle represents.

Get the chance to purchase the complete digital issue for just Php 250.00. Contributions will go to funding The Volume Project: Patók Edition, a fundraising initiative aimed at providing grocery packs worth Php 1,000 to random jeepney drivers in various locations nationwide.

To download and donate, visit Novice‘s website.

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