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Paws mounts virtual exhibit ‘May Fur-Ever!’

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — FilipinoArtPH, an online art gallery supporting Filipino artists, has collaborated with the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), a non-profit organization championing animal welfare, via the virtual art exhibit and silent auction titled “May Fur-Ever!”

The art exhibit and auction, running until March 24, features the paintings of sheltered cats and dogs at PAWS by local artists Jopan Panarigan, Bianca Luztre, Ryan Orig, Joemz Barros, Von V., Ren Dytuco, Napolexander Mina, Earlmon Reyes, John Rex Dela Cruz, Eden Fuster, Rudy San Pedro, Grace Baldon, Keith Mengullo, Rochelle Mendoza, Zol Domingo, Portia Obcena, Cristeta Joy Sison, Christelle Arroyo, Vanessa Joyce Tria, Abelardo Maceda Jr., Jenny Lyn Patricio, and Ssssawa T J.

The “May Fur-Ever!” virtual exhibition and auction, a heartfelt appeal for compassionate and responsible pet ownership, highlights the resilience of animals that have endured neglect or harm, stressing their entitlement to love and care. The project also actively supports pet adoption as the preferred choice among fur parents.


Sharon Yap, PAWS’ Education and Campaigns Officer, emphasized how owning a pet is a lifetime commitment that requires readiness, financial capability, and dedicated time. She strongly encouraged adoption as the first choice for the enriching experience it brings and to make space for shelters to rescue more animals.

She recommended sharing information about spaying and neutering, which is a meaningful way for those unable to adopt to contribute to animal welfare.

Participating artist Portia expressed these animals serve as a reminder of a unique love they can only feel, hoping to inspire viewers to seek and embrace such affection. Participating artist Christelle added that caring for these pets is a way of giving back the unconditional love they provide, emphasizing they are a great blessing in anyone’s life.

Inviting art enthusiasts and animal advocates, “May Fur-Ever!” virtual exhibition and auction present a rare opportunity for individuals to own original animal portraits while contributing to a great cause dedicated to supporting animals. Effortlessly combining a love for art with charitable giving, this collaboration between FilipinoArtPH and PAWS allows participants to make a meaningful impact.

To bid and potentially secure a distinctive piece of art, visit here. Every winning bid contributes to the well-being of shelter animals at PAWS, supporting their medication and rehabilitation.

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