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People: One of NZ’s most prolific marketing leaders, Matt Bain, talks Bio-Hacking and the Era of Experience

New Zealand – Episode 49 of the Love This Podcast launched this week – a bi-weekly podcast series where Beth & Joe interview the world’s most prolific marketing and creative leaders about all things creativity, culture, business and innovation. 

To date, the podcast has seen local marketing leaders on the show including Caroline Rainsford (Google), Brent Smart (IAG) and James McGrath (Clemenger BBDO), as well as global heavyweights.

As one of the first service providers in New Zealand to restructure to agile operations, Matt went into detail on this process and its outputs. The ex-AKQA European Managing Director also shared some of his learnings from being on both the agency and client side, the evolution of martech & adtech and how Spark are leveraging this in everyday interactions with their customers, and the value of brand in an era of experience. 


Matt is also heavily into bio-hacking which the trio explores alongside the idea of balance between living to work and working to live.

Beth O’Brien, Creative Director at Colenso BBDO, says, “Access to Matt’s brain for an hour was a privilege. He gave Joe and I loads to think about in terms of  the fusion between technology and creative problem solving, and brand storytelling and personalisation. My favourite moment was when he outlined his plan to live to 120 years old – Amen to that brother!”

Matt Bain, CMO at Spark, says, “When I look at what is now possible using data and technology, I see a massive opportunity to anticipate customers’ needs and offer them a better experience – this is the work that’s going on behind the scenes here at Spark and this simplified customer-centric approach is something I’m really excited about.”

Listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts / iTunes here, or Soundcloud here.


Matt Bain: CMO, Spark
Beth O’Brien: Creative Director, Colenso BBDO
Joe Carter: Communications Director, Colenso BBDO
Editor & Sound Design: Luke Urquhart, Colenso BBDO

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