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Plan your next Hong Kong trip with these cool and must-see spots to shop and dine at

HONG KONG — Bustling with city lights and crowded streets, Hong Kong has long been known as a giant melting pot for Asian cuisine. Not only is this reflected in the wide variety of food options available, but in the retail options you can find along the streets as well. Apart from dining, Hong Kong is famous as one of the best cities for avid shoppers. From luxurious malls and outlets to specialty stores and street markets, the diverse selection allows every visitor to shop their hearts out.

Check out some spots you won’t want to miss on your next trip to Hong Kong:

1. Central Market – Giving tradition a modern twist


Hong Kong’s first modern wet market, Central Market was opened in 1842 and was fully functional for more than six decades before it was revitalized and reopened in 2021. The Central Market has been transformed into a vibrant community hotspot with superb dining and retail options. While the building’s interior appears modernized, its exterior retains its nostalgic character.

Some of the notable F&B offerings available at the market are Winelog, Mak’s Beer, and I-O-N.
The Central Market also focuses on showcasing homegrown talents and small businesses such as Slowood and the HK Tram Store.


2. Tea Chateau – First #MadeInHK tea capsules

Thanks to modernization, tea lovers can now rejoice and enjoy traditional Chinese tea within 30 seconds! The latest trend in Hong Kong, Tea Chateau brings you traditional Chinese tea culture, but in a capsule. Not only can you get your tea-to-water ratio to perfection, but the advanced packaging will ensure your tea leaves stay fresher for longer.

Explore: Instagram | Tea Chateau

3. Fish Ball Gor – A taste of Hong Kong in every bite

The hunt for Hong Kong’s authentic delicacies won’t be complete without cart noodles and fish balls.

Fishball Gor’s famous curry fish balls are made of a secret sauce with more than ten ingredients and fresh spring fish meat, making you crave more with every bite. They also host a plethora of snacks like glutinous rice, fried noodles with soy sauce, and squid curry. Safe to say, you will be spoiled for choices.

Explore: Instagram | Fishball Gor

4. Shanghai 618 – Old meets new at the heart of Mong Kok

Shanghai 618 was once a strip of waterfront shophouses or tong lau selling sweetened fruit tobacco, electrical appliances, medicinal tea, and leather goods. A century later, it has since been restored with modern additions such as aesthetic murals paying homage to the street’s history, and independent local businesses selling all kinds of goods. Visitors can also marvel at the architectural upgrades made to marry the street’s old and new charms.

Explore: 618 Shanghai Street

5. Hung Fook Tong Life – Where east meets west over a cup of tea

Over the years, modern cafes have sprung up like mushrooms, and traditional herbal tea shop Hung Fook Tong (HFT) did not back down from its new competition. Since its founding in 1986, HFT transformed into a modern wellness concept store, bringing together Western and Chinese food cultures. Apart from their signature additive-free soups and healthy drinks, HFT also serves fresh baked goods from local partner bakeshop “Handmade Bakery.”

Explore: Instagram | Hung Fook Tong

6. JAJA – A treat for the eyes and the tastebuds

JAJA is a Spanish word pronounced as [ˈhɑːhɑː], that inspired the restaurant to represent a vegetarian restaurant celebrating happiness. A meat-free dining spot, this is perfect for visitors looking to try gourmet vegetarian meals. Curated to fit the tastes of the young and trendy, this spot will definitely get you to “feed” your cameras first before yourself.

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7. Await Café & Studio – Top-notch lunch staples and good coffee

If you enjoy café-hopping and you happen to be in the Kowloon area, you will not want to miss out on Await Café. With a wide selection of pastries and comfort food paired with good coffee, this café makes the perfect lunch spot. Located just a few minutes away from the Prince Edward MTR station, get your daily dose of caffeine at Await Café to keep you going on your Hong Kong adventure.

Explore: Instagram | Await Café

8 . Cruise Liner Mall – A ship-shaped shopping mall

Another place that you must pay a visit to when you are in Hong Kong is the Cruise Liner Mall. A part of a bigger mall called The Whampoa, the Cruise Liner Mall is relatively lesser known, but carries a meaningful history. The mall is set at what used to be the largest and busiest shipyard in Asia in the early 20th century, and as the name suggests, is fashioned in the shape of a cruise liner.

Explore: The Whampoa

With all these places ready to welcome visitors back, Hong Kong is more than excited to create new adventures with you at every turn. It’s never too early to plan the itinerary for your next Hong Kong holiday.

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