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Porter supports those who move culture forward ahead of Ganesh Utsav festivities

BENGALURU, INDIA — With the festive fervor fuelling the cultural energies across the country, Porter, India’s largest intra-city logistics company, has announced the launch of the “Celebration Aapka, Delivery Hamari” campaign. It highlights the role Porter plays as an enabler that fulfills logistical needs during festivals, thus helping the movement of those who move culture forward.

The new social media campaign highlights the importance of celebrations in our culture and resonates with people and traditions from every region. While everyone gets busy indulging in the festive vibe, it is the logistics and delivery partners who help in keeping the celebrations alive by ensuring smooth and seamless delivery and movement. Porter honors the vast tradition, culture, and passion imbibed in Indian festivals and assures economical, safe, and hassle-free service to deliver anything, anywhere, anytime.


In its effort of exploring religious, social, and cultural aspects of the tradition of Ganesh Utsav, Porter collaborated with one of the most beautiful examples of inclusiveness in the celebration, Dhol-Tasha Pathak. The dhol tasha groups came together after a gap of two years, bringing together people of all ages, genders, classes, and professions to experience and enjoy the festival in its original spirit.

Emphasizing the Dhol-tasha tradition, Porter focuses on one of the most vibrant and important aspects of Ganesh Utsav. The devotion, passion, and energy with which the Dhol-tasha pathak comes back every year usually go unnoticed. This year, Porter supports bringing back India’s cultures and communities together as it believes in moving those who move culture ahead.

Every Dhol Tasha performance involves the transportation of a large amount of equipment, while on certain days these performances go on till late in the night, requiring on-demand and late-night deliveries. Porter helped in solving the logistical challenges faced by the Dhol Tasha performers by moving their equipment and tools at utmost convenience.

Mohit Rathi, AVP for growth and marketing at Porter

Speaking on the campaign, Mohit Rathi, AVP for growth and marketing at Porter said, “Being committed to trust and quality for over eight years, Porter aims to reach out to consumers with the best of its service. As the nation is getting into a festive mood with all the upcoming celebrations, Porter will support the values that resonate with people from every region across the country. As we say, our promise to all our consumers is simple, with Porter, you can deliver anything, anywhere, anytime. Porter hai, ho jayega.”

The social media campaign, conceptualized by digital marketing agency 22feet Tribal Worldwide, will be executed phase-wise, celebrating the cultures across geographies moved by Porter. The film showcases the revival of Dhol-Tasha tradition with this year’s Ganesh Utsav, depicting the hype and excitement of the pathaks as their favorite tradition makes a comeback after a gap of two years. The film also delves into the history of the dhol-tasha tradition, its significance, how it impacts lives, and the group’s achievements, followed by Porter’s immense support to make this celebration successful from beginning to end through its seamless delivery.

Vishnu Srivatsav, national creative director of 22feet Tribal Worldwide

Talking about the campaign, Vishnu Srivatsav, national creative director of 22feet Tribal Worldwide said, “Porter doesn’t just move goods. It moves hopes, dreams, and in this case traditions too. A brand as ubiquitous as Porter should participate in culture and we found the story of Dhol Tasha, and the passionate people who keep that unique tradition alive, extremely interesting and a story that had to be told.”

Porter has also recently launched its first brand campaign “Delivery Hai? Ho Jayega” which addresses the concerns related to the shipment of items and assures its best service for consumer convenience through a 360-degree promotional outreach.

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