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Rajo Laurel takes viewers inside the mind of a fashion designer with his own YouTube channel

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Fashion designer and icon Rajo Laurel recently launched his YouTube channel to allow his fans and audience to get to know him more personally – from his passion and sense of purpose, to his everyday life.

Initially, the fashion icon revealed that the thought of vlogging was daunting, but his passion for learning, and yearning to engage with his followers and fellow designers persevered. “One of the things that I am learning now as I become a true ‘tito’ [uncle] of the world is to just say ‘yes,’ especially to new experiences and opportunities,” said Laurel.

In his first ever YouTube video, his viewers got a chance to get to know him through a sit-down interview where he shares his routine, inspirations, and favorites – he even sang a few lines of his favorite song.


His second YouTube video, on the other hand, was a treat for fans and budding designers as they got a “House of Laurel” studio tour, and as he shared how his designs come to life.


“We are very proud to launch Rajo Laurel’s YouTube channel because it gives us the opportunity to highlight the realness of Rajo and get to know him as a person. In doing so, we hope that people can connect and get inspired by him. At the same time, this is a chance to spotlight how talented Filipinos are by sharing his insights and accomplishments from his years of experience,” said Gushcloud Philippines Head of Studios Emmelyn Cruz.

Rajo Laurel’s YouTube Channel is managed by Gushcloud Philippines, a global technology-driven digital talent and media company with a concentration on influencer marketing, entertainment, and commerce.

“Gushcloud has always been committed to creating relevant content that inspires. The release of Rajo Laurel’s YouTube channel is not just something we are proud to be a part of, but a testament of our mission. As a fashion icon and designer, Rajo Laurel has a voice that can move mountains and inspire future generations. His channel allows audiences to further understand his genius, ideals, and creativity as an artist. By making that happen, we are continuously bringing our vision of creating tomorrow’s positive influence into a reality,” said Jamie Paraso, the country director of Gushcloud Philippines.

Aside from Rajo Laurel, Gushcloud has also signed celebrity wedding videographer Jason Magbanua, celebrities Bangs Garcia, Ciara Sotto, Bettina Carlos, Michelle Madrigal, and Patrick Garcia & family for channel management. 

Join Rajo Laurel in his creative adventures. Get to know him better as he shares musings on fashion design, travel, lifestyle, and recreation. New videos will be released on Saturdays, 7:00 pm on the Rajo Laurel YouTube Channel. For more information on Gushcloud Philippines, visit gushcloud.com.

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