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Rapper-songwriter Peaceful Gemini drops ‘Leo Rising’ EP on her journey towards introspection and healing

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Filipina rapper-songwriter Peaceful Gemini has released a new EP shaped by her personal experiences, ideas, and beliefs.

Aptly titled “Leo Rising,” the four-track release maps her journey as a woman finding her way toward self-discovery, healing, and introspection. According to the talented newcomer, her latest EP under Sony Music Entertainment is as personal as it gets, with each song reflecting the reality that she’s going through for the time being — her struggles and newfound learnings included.

“Through time, experience, and maturity, I changed and grew more mindful about my past and my roots, and started connecting with my body, mind, and emotions in order to heal. Leo Rising lands at a perfect time when I could address my inner worlds and wounds and express my truth in a more fierce and radical way,” she shared. 


The cosmic, soul-inflected EP is produced by Skeematic, known for fusing classic boom bap beats with bohemian flair. His work complements Peaceful Gemini’s conscious rap narrative, while maintaining a sense of rawness and grit.

Other collaborators include Nicole Anjela, who provided supporting vocals for “Gising na Gising” and “Moment to Breathe,” and Nuevo for the romantic crossover track “Twin Flame.”

Leo Rising serves as a follow-up to Peaceful Gemini’s “Middle of NowHere,” a critically-acclaimed record that explores spiritual and outside themes within the content of hip-hop. Considered a bigger sister of Middle of NowHere, Leo Rising is a more matured and evolved affair that comes from a place of awareness.

Its focus track “Moment To Breathe” addresses healing with a deeper perspective. “Being tasked to frontline a shift that can be so fragile as an old world dies and a new paradigm emerges,” Peaceful Gemini shared. “I am facing it all, knowing that I am guided and blessed with the potential of a deeper understanding of an essence beyond me.”

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