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Blogapalooza brought back the biggest gathering of Filipino influencers with BlogaFest 2022

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Many content creators were born during the pandemic. And since then, they have played a vital role in the way brands and people engage with each other. Realizing the power that content creators have, the Philippines’ largest influencer marketing company, Blogapalooza, has once again hosted a milestone event that brought together thousands of influencers across the country.

Recently, Blogapalooza’s BlogaFest made its most-awaited comeback at the City of Dreams in Pasay City. The first, largest, and longest-running influencer gathering in the Philippines was indeed bigger, bolder, and a thousand times better with its theme “Create to Elevate.” There were 1,481 creators present on-ground and over 11,000 people joined the event via livestream.


“With this year’s BlogaFest theme, we aim to celebrate the creativity and individuality of each content creator. We want them to be encouraged in creating content that will elevate their influence, and ultimately, elevate the content creation and influencer marketing industry,” said Blogapalooza Founder and CEO Ace Gapuz.

BlogaFest is a one-day business-to-influencer networking and marketing event that gathers bloggers, social media influencers, content creators, and internet celebrities from all over the Philippines in a day of fun, learning, interaction, and collaboration.

During the event, various talks, panel discussions, networking opportunities, product showcases, and sponsor exhibits took place. Partners from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia also graced the event making it the biggest influencer event in the Asia Pacific. And for the very first time, Blogapalooza introduced The Orange Carpet Awards where influencers and content creators were recognized for their hard work over the past two years.

Among the highlights of the discussion was when Ace, along with other influencers, talked about the working relationships between businesses and influencers. “We have always been creating environments that foster professional interactions between businesses and creators. And because of that, it is important that we covered conversation points on how the platforms have adapted to the needs of the creators during the height of the pandemic, leading to the present time when the creator economy is showing potential for even more exponential growth,” said Ace.

The Blogamomma and CEO of the company also teased the BlogaFam with what’s in store for the next years, signaling the growth of the company: “We’re gearing up to introduce new service improvements for our clients as the industry develops to be more data-driven. We’re improving our proprietary tech platform so we can enable our clients to have better influencer marketing strategies and tactics.”

Ace noted that Blogapalooza will also be incubating new businesses to launch: a creator hub and a creator commerce platform, among many others.

“The time is finally right and ripe to be in the influencer marketing industry,” Ace said. “And wherever you are in the content creation and influencer marketing space – whether you’re a brand starting out or one that already has always-on influencer marketing campaigns, a creator who does content work out of pure passion or someone who has carved out a career from this, or an intermediary who enables the ecosystem in one way or another – trust that Blogapalooza will always be here as your premier influencer marketing partner.”

BlogaFest was co-presented by City of Dreams Manila and BingoPlus.

If you missed the happenings at Blogafest, watch it on-demand via Blogapalooza’s Facebook page. Or you can visit here for more information and updates.

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